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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend FAIL

I feel like ass. I have finally stopped vomiting (hurray!), so that's a bonus. I made a nice romantic dinner last night for Husband and I, which I promptly threw up an hour later, and proceeded to continue to experience in reverse all night and today. (Eggplant Parmesan is now completely ruined for me.) Romantic evening FAIL! I apparently caught a stomach bug that went around daycare. Cora has it too, but she isn't vomiting, fortunately.

I asked Husband if he would call in sick to work tonight, but he didn't think it was necessary and asked my mom to come over instead. Except she got stuck at work and was four hours late getting here. So while he was asleep, I got to alternate between dry heaving and entertaining an extremely pissed off baby. He went to work leaving me sick with a sick and pissed off baby, before which he accidentally deleted the episode of The Office I was watching, and left the baby gate open on the top of the stairs (fortunately my Spidey Sense knew the kid was up to no good, since she had snuck off and was being quiet, and caught her before she had the chance to take a header down the stairs). Ugh. Husband FAIL.

My head is killing me, as is my back (probably from spending half the night on the bathroom floor praying to the porcelain goddess). My mother finally got here about a half hour before Cora usually goes to bed (yeah, thanks for all the help), after continually telling me she'll be here "soon" since 3pm. (I could have called someone else to help me out if I'd known she wasn't ever going to show!) I made her take the baby with her so I can die in peace, and not change any explosive diapers in the middle of the night.

So, I decided to take a whining break and make a call for pity from the blogosphere. (No pity to be found from my classmates, they'll be sorry when I go lick all of their locker handles, mwahahahahaha!) Anyway, I've emailed the office and the profs, now I'm going to bed to suffer alone.


Allison said...

Hey, I got the stomach flu in the middle of my first day of nationwide orientation with my huge law firm. While I was at the orientation. I'd say you got off easy!!! ;)
Just kidding (about getting off easy) ... the stomach bug sucks! My husband didn't believe how horrible I was feeling until he got it 2 days later!! Lamer...

Infant Attorney said...

I hope you're feeling better. It can't be easy to take care of yourself and a sick baby at the same time.

gudnuff said...

Sorry you're less-than-100%. Hoping things have settled down by now.

I had it too, but much milder (no worshipping was involved). Spent some time in bed with chills.

allison - yeah, ditto! are they selfish, or simply lack imagination?

PT-LawMom said...

Oh bleech!!! Sorry I missed this. Hope you are feeling better.