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Friday, November 28, 2008


We had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday. Husband's parents came in, my mom was there, Cora's godfather, and a friend from graduate school who couldn't go home this weekend because he has his comprehensive exam on Monday. We've had Thanksgiving at our home since we moved in together in 2003. It's always been important to us to invite people over who don't have other plans, we almost always have at least one person who isn't a family member, like a classmate, colleague or friend. Particularly to me, because until we started dating, I was one of those people. My family doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving (they're all in a crazy cult that doesn't celebrate holidays), so I was always grateful when a friend would invite me to have Thanksgiving with their family. So, I don't think Thanksgiving is so much about family as it is about just coming together with others and sharing an exceptional meal. And a significant amount of alcohol. My friend had to crash on our couch, because my husband kept refilling his glass of scotch.

Today, I slept in (yay!) while Husband got up with Cora. Then Oma took Cora shopping and bought her a ton of new clothes and shoes, and party decorations (we're celebrating Cora's birthday a week early, since Husband's parents are in town). Now Oma's changing Cora's diaper and putting on one of her new outfits. Then they're taking us out for sushi. Double yay!

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