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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Being public

Ooh, scary, I'm putting myself out there as, like, a real person with an actual identity. Using my real name, I've cross-posted over at Ms. JD.

But I'm still going to remain anonymous on here, even though I think the vast majority of you know my real name and what school I attend. I don't really care if any prospective employer or whatever reads this blog. I'd just rather it not be the *first* thing that pops up in a google search.

"ProtoAttorney: Breeder. Gets crappy grades. Fangirl with an unhealthy obsession with The X-Files and Doctor Who. Overweight gym bunny. Blogs during class." I can hear the shredders eating my resume as we speak... hmmm... okay, maybe I care after all...


CM said...

You've got more chutzpah than I do.
You're out at Ms. JD... why not Above the Law too?

PT-LawMom said...

I agree - Above the Law is a great forum for it. You go, girl! Fight for what you believe in.

newduck said...

I don't understand Ms. JD. I've tried to post there like a million times and I can't even get anyone to return my e-mails. What the hell?

Karen said...

Please email me at cfo@ms-jd.org and let me know your situation. I will try to get resolution.