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Monday, November 10, 2008

Babies, law and nerdom

Yes, it's official. My child believes she's a dog. She:

- carries toys around in her mouth, while walking on all fours
- thinks dog food is tasty
- drools a lot
- licks the dog
- eats food off the floor
- thinks the dog is much more awesome than her parents

Seriously, she loves the dog. I'm concerned she'll stop uttering coherent syllables and start barking instead. Bernie, of course, thinks the kid is awesome. She "pets her" (as in, pulls on her ears and grabs her face parts), climbs on top of her, and drops a ton of food on the floor. This last one, the dog especially enjoys. I think this is why she is happy to share her dog food with Cora. Sigh.

So, that's what's going on here. I got a reasonably good grade on my first assignment for Immigration, so now the pressure's on even more to do well on the big paper (the one I previously discussed). I like having good grades. It doesn't happen very often! My Non-Human DNA evidence paper? Not coming along at all. Total writer's block. Sucks. And we're up against the deadline for the first memorandum for the int'l moot court competition. That sucks too.

Also, I'm currently bitter against law school because there is a 1000-page book on the history of American foreign policy that I desperately want to read, just published, by my favorite history scholar. (Yes, I had a total nerdgasm over it. Yes, I'm truly an unbalanced individual.) I doubt I'll get to read it until after the bar exam. Over Christmas I've got the second memo to work on for the international moot court thingy. Next semester's reading load is going to totally suck, even though I have fewer actual classes.

I did get the internship (unpaid) with the local prosecutor's office, so I'll be getting my limited practice license and making the city safer. Yay! I don't know if I'll like criminal prosecution, but I definitely like the idea of getting some actual court experience. I'll get to argue motions and participate in trials. Should be fun. The question is whether I'll be able to keep my current job. I only need to work 8 hours each week at the prosecutor's office, so I have the time (if they'll let me, which I think they will). It's more of a question of whether I want to, or if I want to wait tables instead. I'd make more money waiting tables. However, it would suck. On the other hand, it would be some mindless work, whereas my brain is currently in overload. Even though I could keep my current job over the summer until I found something permanent, I'd probably end up waiting tables anyway, because it won't be enough money to pay the bills since it's part time. Oh the choices! I desperately need to start networking and bugging people about jobs. Not that there are any jobs. At this point I'll take insurance defense and like it. (Okay, so maybe not like it. But I'll take it.)


Cee said...

aww, cute pictures of the kid!!

It's awful when school and work get in the way of pleasure reading! Which book was that by the way?

Proto Attorney said...

It's "From Colony to Superpower: US Foreign Relations Since 1776" by Dr. George Herring. (He wrote THE book on the Vietnam War.) His latest book is part of the Oxford History of the United States series.

I'm resisting even buying it, because my husband would likely start reading it before me and that would piss me off!

Mom said...

I did a fair amount of Immigration scholarship in law school. The trouble I had with the subject is that I often found myself either oversimplifying or over-complicating the issues. Hopefully you don't have the same problem.

And my little one loves dogs too!


Dee said...

The last pic is especially adorable. You have a lot going on in your life now, lots of juggling.

Sounds like you'd like prosecuting more than insurance defense but what do I know.

gudnuff said...

"nerdgasm"...love it. Am so totally stealing that one.