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Sunday, November 30, 2008


As the economic apocalypse looms, and the job market is quickly closing off to even those at the top of our class with big firm offers being rescinded, I find myself oddly apathetic and detached from the state of affairs. It's incredibly strange, because normally this is *exactly* the sort of thing that would have me developing ulcers. While I'm apathetic and easy-going about almost everything else in life, job security is the one I'm uptight about.

Yet... I can't make myself care. I can't figure out if that's a good thing or a bad thing yet. Maybe it's because the prospect of working for some giant asshole for $40,000 a year (or less) while working 60 hours a week, just reinforces a secret desire for unemployment.

Of course, I'm still concerned. I will do whatever's necessary to find a job, if there are any out there. But I'm not losing sleep over it in the meantime. Maybe I'm getting to the point where I just trust myself enough to know I'm resourceful and will figure something out. And actually feeling confident in my ability to practice [very basic areas of law] on my own if it comes to that.

My mother-in-law is convinced she can get me something at their Army base. Two hours away. I don't want to live in BFE, especially not in this state. (Remember my previous misadventures at the in-laws? Ugh, and the terrain isn't even the worst thing about the area.) Husband absolutely will never move back there. I told her I'd be willing to do contract work for awhile and commute, but we're staying here. (Or at least going someplace better.) But at least it's something. Otherwise, I'll wait tables. Need a will with your bourbon and coke? I gotcha covered!

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Cee said...

I'm like you- I cant seem to get t oo worried about it. I just keep thinking everything will work out. Maybe I secretly want more time home with my baby next year :)