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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Live debate blogging

9:18 -- How many times has McCain accused Obama of having cronies now? Aren't cronies usually reserved for creepy old men?

9:22 -- McCain invades others' personal space.

9:27 -- Obama has a very professorial presence. He's starting to freak me out like he's going to call on me through the TV.

9:29 -- Okay, so we're freezing all programs except for defense and VETERAN'S AFFAIRS??? McCain already has the geezer vote.

9:30 -- Oh, the first 9/11 reference of the evening, fantastic.

9:34 -- Earmarks, earmarks, earmarks. Good comment about sharing the burden. The right wingers are all crying "Commie!" right now.

9:35 -- Oh, no, the scalpel comment again.

9:36 -- McCain is pulling numbers out of his wrinkly old ass again. And, ugh, why does McCain whistle when he talks? AAHHHHH! STOP!!!

9:38 -- "Straight-Talk Express lost a wheel!!" Ahahahahaa!!! Obama made a funny!!

9:42 -- McCain blows off a question. Shocking. He must be getting debate tips from his running mate.

9:44 -- Stop talking about Joe Lieberman!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

9:47 -- Is McCain drawing little pictures of Obama being eaten by polar bears on his paper? He's grinning like he is.

9:48 -- Candidates get scolded by Tom Brokaw for ignoring the pretty lights.

9:49 -- Pork barrel!!! DRINK!!!

9:50 -- Why is McCain pacing when he isn't even the one talking. Stop pacing!!

9:53 -- No, not it's not okay to go across state lines to get health insurance!! Oh, the legal implications of it all. I weep from the sheer stupidity.

9:55 -- McCain's nervous about government mandates. You know, because he doesn't like government telling people what they can do with their bodies.

9:58 -- THANK YOU, OBAMA!! Thank you for that wonderful response on health care, which stems from actual experience and knowledge of the system. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING.

9:59 -- Peacemaker? Why would we make peace? Forceable democracy, that's how we roll!

10:02 -- Again, no hitting back on the surge. Sigh. They must know something we don't, which is why Obama isn't criticizing that point.

10:03 -- Yay, foreign policy doctrine!!!

10:04 -- "IF" we could have stopped Rwanda?

10:05 -- Okay, we stopped talking about Iraq. McGrampa is rambling on the wrong topic.

10:06 -- Uh, the Reagans don't like you, don't invoke President Reagan in your diatribe.

10:08 -- Exacerbating our reputation? What is that supposed to mean?

10:09 -- OOH, this is such a good question for McCain, since he was very pro-Cambodian campaigns during Vietnam. He can either agree with Obama here, or be a complete hypocrite.

10:11 -- AHAHAHA, McCain said "big stick."

10:12 -- So, let me get this straight? The Straight-Talk Express says attack within Pakistan, but shhhh!, don't tell them that in the middle of a debate, Dummy!

10:14 -- Speaking softly isn't making crude jokes about bombing other countries. NICE!

10:15 -- "I know how to handle these crises" ... that I cause.

10:16 -- Petraeus! DRINK!!!

10:19 -- "We're not going to have another cold war..." because we're just going to fight a real war this time.

10:20 -- Putin is KGB. McCain fails to mention he's also SUPER CREEPY!

10:22 -- YES! Thank you! Proactive, not reactive, is the way to go.

10:24 -- McCain: Maybe Russia is an Evil Empire. Uh...

10:25 -- McCain's invading people's personal space again!! BAD TOUCH!!

10:29 -- Carrots, sticks, communication -- it's this crazy thing called DIPLOMACY!

10:30 -- Obama's final comments were very well-done.

10:32 -- Steady hand at the tiller? Blarg.

10:35 -- OH GEEZ!! Make Cindy McCain turn off her dress! That color is hurting my eyes.


There was definitely a sad lack of new topics. I mean, I don't remember hearing anything new. Not really much of a lively debate. I can't imagine it will make a difference in the polls. But we shall see.


Butterflyfish said...

9:32. Obama talking about clean coal and nukes. He has no credibility on those to me.

Butterflyfish said...

I am enjoying your commentary but man do I want to live blog back... I'm sitting on my fingers because this is your blog not mine :-)

No one has said :Maverick: yet

Proto Attorney said...

You can take over my blog all you want to! ;)

Cee said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who was bothered by McCain's pacing! McCain sounded like a broken record. I hated how he kept going back to old questions when he was given a new qt.

And it was so rude of him to tell that one man that he probably never heard of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac before this year. I would have totally been offended!!