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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I'll be glad when the election is over! Then I can get back to concentrating on law school. Okay, so probably not. But I have been rather distracted lately. I'm a news junkie, I can't get enough. And when there's so much going on... sensory overload!

The past week has been hectic. I had my presentation for Scientific Evidence on Monday. I think it went well. I just have to write my paper now. It's on PCR in DNA analysis, and I'm focusing my paper on non-human DNA analysis. Specifically the exciting topics of spores! Toxic Mold litigation and Bioterrorism.

I also have a paper to write for Immigration. That one is going to focus (somehow) on national security and terrorist organizations. Or more specifically the designation of groups as terrorist organizations and denying residency to those deemed to have been involved in said organizations. Stuff like this. This paper I want to be really good because not only do I want a good grade, but since it's a relatively short paper (minimum of 10 pages), I want to be able to use it as a writing sample for any job applications that require one.

Then I just need to start outlining for Con Law II (not really a big deal, I have really good notes, and our professor is really good and lays everything out for us, none of that hiding the ball crap). I also need to desperately get caught up in BA, like, you know, learn something. Trial for Lit Skills will be the week after Thanksgiving, so plenty of time there. Also, we need to get some brief-writing on for the Int'l Moot Court competition. (Oh, one good thing about the economic apocalypse is that airfare prices have dipped considerably and since we're passing that along to the Europeans, our dollar is gaining strength against the Euro. Hurray, economic apocalypse! Well, until I can't find a job next year and live in a cardboard box, that is. Bah.)

So, that's what's been going on in school. Husband's swamped with school too. He's got a big nurse presentation this weekend, so he's stressed about that. We like, never see each other except in passing. Which totally sucks. (If this keeps up, I'm going to be having an extramarital affair with canned vegetables, much like Tranny Head.)

But the big development is my child is completely out of control. Cora's been able to crawl for a couple months now, she just really didn't. Mostly she'd sit there and play with her toys, and unless her ball rolled away from her, or she spotted something really awesome she needed to shove into her mouth, she stayed put. I liked that. I liked my lazy kid. Now... sigh. I can't even keep her still long enough to change her diaper. I'm literally chasing her down the hall trying to put pants on her. Not cool. We finally had to put up the baby gate at the top of the stairs, and we've had to start attaching the two baby gates that connect to the kitchen to keep the dog penned up because she eats my stuff. Family Dog has an unnatural fear of, well, everything. But particularly of barriers of any sort. So, we've never attached the baby gates, just leaned them across the doorway. But now we have to attach it because Cora pushes it over, scares the hell out of the dog when it falls, and then tries to eat the dog food. Apparently they have an understanding. Cora eats the dog food, the dog eats the kid's food thrown onto the ground.

Cora is really liking daycare though. Today I picked her up and she was sitting on the floor with her teacher and two other kids, including our friends' kid. Surprisingly, they were actually getting along, which is unusual. They fight all the time. That's their kid, tackling our kid for the remote control:

Trouble! But anyway, Cora really likes her teacher, and even gave her a hug before we left. It was really cute! She's a lot of fun, though, even if she is all over the place and into everything. Completely wears me out though. Out of control.

So, that's what's going on here. I'm about to schedule for next semester, my last semester of law school. Hopefully my last semester of school, like, ever. (Well, maybe.) I'm taking Family Law, Crim Pro, International Law, and Non-Profit Orgs. I also plan to do some sort of externship, either USAO or our local prosecutor (which gives us a limited practice license). I can't believe it's nearing the end. I just hope it all turns out to be worth it!

STAY TUNED: I have a book review coming out in the next few days. I intended to publish it much sooner, however, my big presentation has been taking up most of my reading time. Look for it by the weekend!

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Cee said...

lol- Cora's gotta learn to fight back! Just seeing all the things you are doing gave me a headache! I really want to take a nonprofit org class- I'll have to check in and see how it goes!