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Monday, October 13, 2008


Even though it's been in the 80's (thanks, Global Warming!), we hit the pumpkin patch this weekend. There was a corn maze, which was awesome. (Since we were going through after dark, I tried to get Husband to run through the corn with the flashlights shouting "Mulder!" and "Scully!" respectively, however, he's lame and wouldn't do it.) Anyway, Cora had a great time.

Cora in the hay

Cora and her gourd

I also spent the weekend working on my presentation for the scientific evidence seminar. It's on DNA, fun times. My presentation is next Monday. I have a ton of work left to do on it, which is likely to spoil my plans for this weekend, which was to spend the weekend with friends 3 hours away, and do a half-marathon on Sunday. Yeah, probably not happening. Also, Husband's working Saturday night, so I'd have to impose on friends to watch Cora overnight on a Saturday. Which I would do, except for the presentation. Sigh. Oh well, it's not like I could have run the half anyway, I was just going to walk it, thanks to my ankle injury. It's better, but not 100%, so I haven't been running.


LL said...

the gourd picture is way too cute. Your little lady is adorable - I think she and Landon would make a great couple :)

Proto Attorney said...

I'm sure they wouldn't mind us arranging their marriage... ;)

legally certifiable said...

She is just too stinkin' cute.

Andrea said...

Cora has the EXACT same baby 'fro as Becca. It's kind of growing out but it's so flyaway it all poofs up in the back. This makes me feel so much better!