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Friday, October 3, 2008

Drinking games

Tonight we DVR'd the debate and just finished watching it. I went to trivia at a local watering hole tonight, where it ended up being only me and a classmate, because everyone else bailed. We finished respectively, considering, however, for some reason I *never* seem to get the president questions right. I'm a freakin' history major for Christ's sake. I guess I need to cut Biden a little slack considering... nah, no slack. Anyway, I confused Wilson being on the $100,000 bill for Cleveland being on the $1,000 bill. Ridiculous. Granted, I'd had a few, which is never good for trivia answering. Fun though that the pub was full of liberals. Team names ranged from "Choke on a Moose Burger" to "I can see Russia from this bar stool." Some were less original, like "Sarah Palin Sucks."

Oh, and drinking is never good for debate coverage either, but here goes:

I think I need more time to absorb the debate (and re-watch it when completely sober), but I'm slightly disappointed that there was no big train wreck, from either candidate. So much potential there, such big let down. Anyway, some thoughts:

I love that Palin supports gay couples having the same civil rights as hetero couples. Good for her! Maybe there's some hope for the Religious Right after all.

Why was Palin talking about Scott McClellan when discussing Afghanistan strategy? I thought the GOP hated McClellan after his tell-all book? Someone please explain this to me. What the hell does McClellan have to do with, well, anything? Was she having a McCain Senior Moment?

Times I laughed out loud:

-- Palin being appalled by other countries' lack of support for women's rights

-- "John McCain wins wars." (I nearly spit wine out my nose.)

-- In one breath saying we need to stop looking backwards and placing blame, and in the next breath saying we need to learn from past mistakes. WTF??

Times I was actually proud of Palin:

-- Calling Biden out for voting for the Iraq War, and now not supporting it. I have a big issue with that, and it's one of the main reasons I support Barack over Hillary.

Yeah, that's it.

Times I was scared shitless:

-- Palin wants to broaden the power of the VP... uh, we've already had 8 years of the Evil Overlord, we don't need the VP to have any more power. Seriously.

Times Biden hit it out of the park -- I counted at least three, but I'm a little drunk now and I forget. I watch it again when sober.

In conclusion, Husband and I turned the debate into a drinking game, so we're a little tipsy:

take 1 drink = word salad

take 1 drink = foot in mouth

take 1 drink = for every outright lie... (oh, sorry, purposely participating in a campaign of misinformation)

take 1 drink = "maverick" [Whew, this one got us, hard core. Glad we didn't make it "finish your drink."]

take 2 drinks = "tax cuts" [Ugh.]

finish your drink = Every time a phony folksy story is told about "real" people met on the campaign trail.


Melissa said...

The two that I can think of off the top of my head of Biden hitting out of the park were when he said that McCain wasn't a maverick and that anyone thinking that the VP was a member of the legislative branch was basically a crazy fool.

Andrea said...

She meant General McKiernan, the head commander in Afghanistan. That was a silly slip. Among MANY.

Proto Attorney said...

That occurred to me at first, because they were talking about Afghanistan, but she kept saying McClellan, and didn't do it just once, so that's why I thought it wasn't just a slip, that she was talking about someone other than the general. She seriously makes my head hurt, I can't even keep up with her train of thought.