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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Conservative douchebaggery

I don't know why I continue to read conservative columnists. I suppose it's because I'm quite liberal, and feel I need to balance myself by getting both sides of the story in order to have a solid grasp of the issues. What newspapers do I read, Sarah Palin? Why, I read the Wall Street Journal, mostly. I've always enjoyed reading Peggy Noonan. I read our local rag during lunch at the office. I also read the NYT, various stories from the AP, BBC, and occasionally listen to NPR. I refuse to read our school paper, because it sucks.

However, most of the time, reading the crazy conservative columns just serves to piss me off.

This one did the trick today. It's a column by Cal Thomas. Of course, I adamently disagree with his opinion, especially his judicial philosophies. His assertion that "liberal" constitutional interpretation would dictate a return to slavery racial inferiority if the tide of public opinion thus shifted is so utterly absurd, it doesn't even justify a counter-argument. Also, fanning the flame of fear that churches will lose tax-exempt status if gay marriage is legalized is also an absurdity. But that's nothing particularly inflammatory or outrageous, mostly just idiotic. However, this statement really just takes the cake:

"The aim of the gay rights lobby is to destroy all remnants of biblical values and societal norms."

That one made me slam the paper down in fury.

Okay, just because your interpretation of biblical values includes depriving an entire class of people of their civil rights because they happen to participate in an activity you personally find offensive, does not mean that everyone else shares that viewpoint, you conservative asshat. Aside from the obvious offense, being the insinuation that the LGBT community is comprised of people actively trying to tear down Christianity, I'm personally offended for myself. I take my biblical values very seriously and I certainly do not want some jackass turning those values into something ugly. The values I take from the Bible? Things like love thy neighbor. Don't be judgmental. Don't be a hypocrite. Those values direct me to support gay rights, and support gay marriage, and contribute to efforts such as the fight against marriage discrimination. So don't use my religious beliefs as a justification for your bigotry. Because we obviously don't read the same Bible.

If bigotry and discrimination are "societal norms," then yes, let's destroy those immediately. Just as I firmly believe that Christianity can co-exist with the theory of evolution, I also believe that being Christian does not require condemning homosexuality. We are all human beings, beautiful, brilliant and flawed. We are all different, from our appearance, to our thoughts and actions, right down to our DNA... the very stuff that makes us human. It's time we started celebrating those differences, rather than viewing them as some sort of abomination. And it is sure as hell time that we stop using religion as a justification for hatred and intolerance. That isn't what my religion is about. Is yours?


Butterflyfish said...

This is a fairly awesome rant. Well put. I'm probably more conservative than you are on many issues. But I hate the term 'conservative' because I hate that being in favor of smaller government and charitable giving puts me in the same league as ignorant clods who 'defend the institution of marriage' based on their interpretation of the bible. Yay gay marriage!

LL said...

Standing Ovation.

(and a mini standing ovation to butterflyfish as well- that's exactly what JP is constantly saying, and I agree)

Proto Attorney said...

I remember once upon a time when being "Republican" meant being fiscally conservative and against big government. Actually, I don't, I just remember reading about it in history books. :P

I find this whole new conservative movement to be intellectually dishonest, especially when it comes to their judicial philosophies. They simply want to legislate their values, whether it be through the legislature or the courts. And everyone's against judicial activism until that activism happens to swing in their own favor.

Also, if the *people* of California say gay marriage should be legal, that anti-gay movement isn't going to say, "oh well, the majority has spoken so gay marriage is okay, because obviously social norms and values have changed." Hardly.

Allison said...

Right on. Your posts are always a more eloquent version of what I am thinking. Keep it up!

legally certifiable said...

You go girl! The use of religion as a foundation for hatred and intolerance is pretty much what turned me off of religion. And it just baffles me that so many are so passionately against gay marriage. If it doesn't hurt you or your children, why the fudgesicles do you care so much?

Googie Baba said...

Thank-you for writing this. I live in Boston, and I am in a gay marriage. I live in a neighborhood full of gay families. When I walk down our street, and I see everyone walking their dogs and taking their kids to school, I wonder "Who are these people talking about?" I don't have the energy to try and destroy anything, let alone Christianity. I just want to hold my wife's hand.

PT-LawMom said...

&*%^&^$@#&*^^&*(!@ That is usually about as eloquent as I get on these issues. Which is why I never, ever read Conservative Republican columnists. I don't care about their side, I don't want to debate and, quite frankly, my soul doesn't need to be tainted by their anti-immigrant, anti-homosexual, distorted-view-of-Christianity stances. I know some liberal Republicans. But I really think they should be Independent because "their party" is just way too far right these days.