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Friday, October 24, 2008

An afternoon of rambling, catching up and then relaxing

I'm about to delve into catching up on an entire month of BA. Yeah, so, I've been slacking (surprise, surprise). My level of apathy in that class is beyond reason. I actually care about all my other classes this semester, which is incredible. I really like my other classes. Even Con Law II, which I was afraid was going to be bad, because the professor seemed like a bit of a douche at the beginning. But he's actually a really good teacher, and doesn't spend the whole time Socratizing people and instead, he just goes over the material.

I hate the Socratic method. I think it's complete rubbish. Maybe for those of you who go to top law schools with highly intelligent people, you might get something out of a class where mostly your classmates talk rather than the professors. Here at Mediocre Law, nuh uh. And I fully admit, I'm one of those people bringing down the intelligence of the discussion during class. Oh, I can speak quite well, most of the time. But when I'm put on the spot, I tend to freeze like a deer in headlights, and lord only knows what sort of Sarah Palin-esque word salad is going to come out. I'm fine if I volunteer, and I usually try to do so in classes where that will get me participation points and prevent me from getting called on. But ick, I hate the Socratic method. Just stop dicking around and tell me what I need to know for the exam.

So, on this rainy, but still reasonably warm, afternoon, yours truly is curling up on the couch with a soy chai latte and a ton of BA materials. Tonight I'm going to a classmate's house for zombie movie night. I'm definitely not a fan of zombie movies, but said I would attend if one of the movies shown is Shaun of the Dead. I'm a British TV geek, and a big fan of Simon Pegg. I really wanted to see How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, but I don't think it even showed here. Supposedly it opened two weeks ago and I have never seen it listed. I guess I have to wait for the DVD.

Email issues

Okay, so I'm an idiot, and I forget to check the ProtoAttorney email address I set up specifically for this blog. Like for a month. I apologize to those of you who try to email me and never get a response. I'm not purposely ignoring you, I'm just stupid. You would think that as much time as I waste during class not paying attention and playing on the internet instead, that I would remember to check the email.

I would set up a forward of that email to my main email account, but apparently Yahoo won't let me do that, because I already have a separate yahoo account linked to forward, which was my maiden name, and a bunch of stuff still goes to that account, so I needed to forward it. I dunno. I'm technologically challenged. If there's a way to do it, I just can't figure it out.

Anyway, if you send an email to the ProtoAttorney address, just post a comment and say, "Bitch, check your damn email!" The comment notifications go to the email address I frequently check. And if you know my real name and email address, definitely use it instead.


More conservative douchebags

It's amazing how far people will go to push their agenda of bigotry. I don't even know where to begin...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I'll be glad when the election is over! Then I can get back to concentrating on law school. Okay, so probably not. But I have been rather distracted lately. I'm a news junkie, I can't get enough. And when there's so much going on... sensory overload!

The past week has been hectic. I had my presentation for Scientific Evidence on Monday. I think it went well. I just have to write my paper now. It's on PCR in DNA analysis, and I'm focusing my paper on non-human DNA analysis. Specifically the exciting topics of spores! Toxic Mold litigation and Bioterrorism.

I also have a paper to write for Immigration. That one is going to focus (somehow) on national security and terrorist organizations. Or more specifically the designation of groups as terrorist organizations and denying residency to those deemed to have been involved in said organizations. Stuff like this. This paper I want to be really good because not only do I want a good grade, but since it's a relatively short paper (minimum of 10 pages), I want to be able to use it as a writing sample for any job applications that require one.

Then I just need to start outlining for Con Law II (not really a big deal, I have really good notes, and our professor is really good and lays everything out for us, none of that hiding the ball crap). I also need to desperately get caught up in BA, like, you know, learn something. Trial for Lit Skills will be the week after Thanksgiving, so plenty of time there. Also, we need to get some brief-writing on for the Int'l Moot Court competition. (Oh, one good thing about the economic apocalypse is that airfare prices have dipped considerably and since we're passing that along to the Europeans, our dollar is gaining strength against the Euro. Hurray, economic apocalypse! Well, until I can't find a job next year and live in a cardboard box, that is. Bah.)

So, that's what's been going on in school. Husband's swamped with school too. He's got a big nurse presentation this weekend, so he's stressed about that. We like, never see each other except in passing. Which totally sucks. (If this keeps up, I'm going to be having an extramarital affair with canned vegetables, much like Tranny Head.)

But the big development is my child is completely out of control. Cora's been able to crawl for a couple months now, she just really didn't. Mostly she'd sit there and play with her toys, and unless her ball rolled away from her, or she spotted something really awesome she needed to shove into her mouth, she stayed put. I liked that. I liked my lazy kid. Now... sigh. I can't even keep her still long enough to change her diaper. I'm literally chasing her down the hall trying to put pants on her. Not cool. We finally had to put up the baby gate at the top of the stairs, and we've had to start attaching the two baby gates that connect to the kitchen to keep the dog penned up because she eats my stuff. Family Dog has an unnatural fear of, well, everything. But particularly of barriers of any sort. So, we've never attached the baby gates, just leaned them across the doorway. But now we have to attach it because Cora pushes it over, scares the hell out of the dog when it falls, and then tries to eat the dog food. Apparently they have an understanding. Cora eats the dog food, the dog eats the kid's food thrown onto the ground.

Cora is really liking daycare though. Today I picked her up and she was sitting on the floor with her teacher and two other kids, including our friends' kid. Surprisingly, they were actually getting along, which is unusual. They fight all the time. That's their kid, tackling our kid for the remote control:

Trouble! But anyway, Cora really likes her teacher, and even gave her a hug before we left. It was really cute! She's a lot of fun, though, even if she is all over the place and into everything. Completely wears me out though. Out of control.

So, that's what's going on here. I'm about to schedule for next semester, my last semester of law school. Hopefully my last semester of school, like, ever. (Well, maybe.) I'm taking Family Law, Crim Pro, International Law, and Non-Profit Orgs. I also plan to do some sort of externship, either USAO or our local prosecutor (which gives us a limited practice license). I can't believe it's nearing the end. I just hope it all turns out to be worth it!

STAY TUNED: I have a book review coming out in the next few days. I intended to publish it much sooner, however, my big presentation has been taking up most of my reading time. Look for it by the weekend!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Conservative douchebaggery

I don't know why I continue to read conservative columnists. I suppose it's because I'm quite liberal, and feel I need to balance myself by getting both sides of the story in order to have a solid grasp of the issues. What newspapers do I read, Sarah Palin? Why, I read the Wall Street Journal, mostly. I've always enjoyed reading Peggy Noonan. I read our local rag during lunch at the office. I also read the NYT, various stories from the AP, BBC, and occasionally listen to NPR. I refuse to read our school paper, because it sucks.

However, most of the time, reading the crazy conservative columns just serves to piss me off.

This one did the trick today. It's a column by Cal Thomas. Of course, I adamently disagree with his opinion, especially his judicial philosophies. His assertion that "liberal" constitutional interpretation would dictate a return to slavery racial inferiority if the tide of public opinion thus shifted is so utterly absurd, it doesn't even justify a counter-argument. Also, fanning the flame of fear that churches will lose tax-exempt status if gay marriage is legalized is also an absurdity. But that's nothing particularly inflammatory or outrageous, mostly just idiotic. However, this statement really just takes the cake:

"The aim of the gay rights lobby is to destroy all remnants of biblical values and societal norms."

That one made me slam the paper down in fury.

Okay, just because your interpretation of biblical values includes depriving an entire class of people of their civil rights because they happen to participate in an activity you personally find offensive, does not mean that everyone else shares that viewpoint, you conservative asshat. Aside from the obvious offense, being the insinuation that the LGBT community is comprised of people actively trying to tear down Christianity, I'm personally offended for myself. I take my biblical values very seriously and I certainly do not want some jackass turning those values into something ugly. The values I take from the Bible? Things like love thy neighbor. Don't be judgmental. Don't be a hypocrite. Those values direct me to support gay rights, and support gay marriage, and contribute to efforts such as the fight against marriage discrimination. So don't use my religious beliefs as a justification for your bigotry. Because we obviously don't read the same Bible.

If bigotry and discrimination are "societal norms," then yes, let's destroy those immediately. Just as I firmly believe that Christianity can co-exist with the theory of evolution, I also believe that being Christian does not require condemning homosexuality. We are all human beings, beautiful, brilliant and flawed. We are all different, from our appearance, to our thoughts and actions, right down to our DNA... the very stuff that makes us human. It's time we started celebrating those differences, rather than viewing them as some sort of abomination. And it is sure as hell time that we stop using religion as a justification for hatred and intolerance. That isn't what my religion is about. Is yours?

Monday, October 13, 2008


Even though it's been in the 80's (thanks, Global Warming!), we hit the pumpkin patch this weekend. There was a corn maze, which was awesome. (Since we were going through after dark, I tried to get Husband to run through the corn with the flashlights shouting "Mulder!" and "Scully!" respectively, however, he's lame and wouldn't do it.) Anyway, Cora had a great time.

Cora in the hay

Cora and her gourd

I also spent the weekend working on my presentation for the scientific evidence seminar. It's on DNA, fun times. My presentation is next Monday. I have a ton of work left to do on it, which is likely to spoil my plans for this weekend, which was to spend the weekend with friends 3 hours away, and do a half-marathon on Sunday. Yeah, probably not happening. Also, Husband's working Saturday night, so I'd have to impose on friends to watch Cora overnight on a Saturday. Which I would do, except for the presentation. Sigh. Oh well, it's not like I could have run the half anyway, I was just going to walk it, thanks to my ankle injury. It's better, but not 100%, so I haven't been running.

Friday, October 10, 2008

South Dakota

South Dakota's at it again. Even though the forced pregnancy lobby got defeated in 2006, they're giving it another go. Watch this video here at Feministing.

No one likes abortion. No one gets a warm, squishy feeling about a pregnancy being terminated and potential life being snuffed out. But I certainly don't have a warm squishy feeling about making extremely important medical choices for other women. And Tiffany Campbell's story is exactly why these decisions need to be made between a woman and her doctor, not by strangers who regret their abortions and want to take that choice away from other women. I'd like to see someone "pro life" tell Tiffany Campbell that she should have let her son die because there was only one "choice" and that's "life."

Because for a lobby that claims that there is only black and white and no gray when it comes to abortion, that they would always "choose life," many times "life" is not so black and white, and the choice isn't so straightforward. The anti-choice lobby loves to act like all abortion is because of selfish whores out having lots of sex and then murdering their babies as a form of birth control. They love plastering posters on our campus of aborted fetuses and calling it "genocide." No, abortion isn't pretty. It isn't a good thing. But sometimes it's a necessary thing. And having a taste of what it would be like to make that decision, I wouldn't begin to judge any woman who had to make that difficult choice. And I certainly wouldn't prevent her from doing so. Hopefully the voters of South Dakota have the same amount of good sense. (Especially since I think they'd get a real big surprise by the Supreme Court decision in their own state, let alone SCOTUS. SCOTUS is willing to let abortion rights be chipped away, but Kennedy and I think even Roberts and Alito would not be so brazen as to overturn Roe v. Wade.)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Live debate blogging

9:18 -- How many times has McCain accused Obama of having cronies now? Aren't cronies usually reserved for creepy old men?

9:22 -- McCain invades others' personal space.

9:27 -- Obama has a very professorial presence. He's starting to freak me out like he's going to call on me through the TV.

9:29 -- Okay, so we're freezing all programs except for defense and VETERAN'S AFFAIRS??? McCain already has the geezer vote.

9:30 -- Oh, the first 9/11 reference of the evening, fantastic.

9:34 -- Earmarks, earmarks, earmarks. Good comment about sharing the burden. The right wingers are all crying "Commie!" right now.

9:35 -- Oh, no, the scalpel comment again.

9:36 -- McCain is pulling numbers out of his wrinkly old ass again. And, ugh, why does McCain whistle when he talks? AAHHHHH! STOP!!!

9:38 -- "Straight-Talk Express lost a wheel!!" Ahahahahaa!!! Obama made a funny!!

9:42 -- McCain blows off a question. Shocking. He must be getting debate tips from his running mate.

9:44 -- Stop talking about Joe Lieberman!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

9:47 -- Is McCain drawing little pictures of Obama being eaten by polar bears on his paper? He's grinning like he is.

9:48 -- Candidates get scolded by Tom Brokaw for ignoring the pretty lights.

9:49 -- Pork barrel!!! DRINK!!!

9:50 -- Why is McCain pacing when he isn't even the one talking. Stop pacing!!

9:53 -- No, not it's not okay to go across state lines to get health insurance!! Oh, the legal implications of it all. I weep from the sheer stupidity.

9:55 -- McCain's nervous about government mandates. You know, because he doesn't like government telling people what they can do with their bodies.

9:58 -- THANK YOU, OBAMA!! Thank you for that wonderful response on health care, which stems from actual experience and knowledge of the system. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING.

9:59 -- Peacemaker? Why would we make peace? Forceable democracy, that's how we roll!

10:02 -- Again, no hitting back on the surge. Sigh. They must know something we don't, which is why Obama isn't criticizing that point.

10:03 -- Yay, foreign policy doctrine!!!

10:04 -- "IF" we could have stopped Rwanda?

10:05 -- Okay, we stopped talking about Iraq. McGrampa is rambling on the wrong topic.

10:06 -- Uh, the Reagans don't like you, don't invoke President Reagan in your diatribe.

10:08 -- Exacerbating our reputation? What is that supposed to mean?

10:09 -- OOH, this is such a good question for McCain, since he was very pro-Cambodian campaigns during Vietnam. He can either agree with Obama here, or be a complete hypocrite.

10:11 -- AHAHAHA, McCain said "big stick."

10:12 -- So, let me get this straight? The Straight-Talk Express says attack within Pakistan, but shhhh!, don't tell them that in the middle of a debate, Dummy!

10:14 -- Speaking softly isn't making crude jokes about bombing other countries. NICE!

10:15 -- "I know how to handle these crises" ... that I cause.

10:16 -- Petraeus! DRINK!!!

10:19 -- "We're not going to have another cold war..." because we're just going to fight a real war this time.

10:20 -- Putin is KGB. McCain fails to mention he's also SUPER CREEPY!

10:22 -- YES! Thank you! Proactive, not reactive, is the way to go.

10:24 -- McCain: Maybe Russia is an Evil Empire. Uh...

10:25 -- McCain's invading people's personal space again!! BAD TOUCH!!

10:29 -- Carrots, sticks, communication -- it's this crazy thing called DIPLOMACY!

10:30 -- Obama's final comments were very well-done.

10:32 -- Steady hand at the tiller? Blarg.

10:35 -- OH GEEZ!! Make Cindy McCain turn off her dress! That color is hurting my eyes.


There was definitely a sad lack of new topics. I mean, I don't remember hearing anything new. Not really much of a lively debate. I can't imagine it will make a difference in the polls. But we shall see.

What Sarah Palin sees from her house

This is just frightening. But at least Putin's fully clothed.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Politics of Character Assassination

One of my wing-nut law school compadres started posting "Obama is a terrorist because he associates with them" messages on Facebook tonight. I quickly smacked him down for being defamatory and inflammatory. But it looks like the next month is going to be full of nasty attack ads aimed at who pals around with whom. What a ridiculous distraction from what actually matters.

Everyone has shady associates, even the most moral and ethical people. Sometimes you just don't know who will turn out to be scum. I certainly have had my fair share. A guy I went to high school with, who I invited to various parties I had in college, got busted for breaking into a mutual friend's parents' house, cleaned out the place and stole his dad's sports car. It was sad, he was an entertaining guy. Of course, I stopped inviting him to parties after that. (Mostly because he was incarcerated.) And of course, I'm in law school. I can't wait to find out over the next decade who ends up disbarred or in jail from our class. Probably with someone I'm hugging and smiling big at the camera, in a photo immortalized on the internet. That certainly doesn't mean I condone, you know, burglary, or any other illegal or unethical action. But guilt by association is just silly. Sometimes you just don't know people as well as you think you do. And sometimes, you need to work with people, even though you might find their past activities repulsive. I've certainly had a few of those as well. All the while trying to cover my ass to avoid getting caught up in their messes. Ugh.

I don't think Obama's past ties to Ayers, or McCain's friendship with G. Gordon Liddy, is even worth mentioning. It's just not important. Nor is Obama's racist pastor, nor is Palin's witchcraft-denouncing preacher. I love our priest. He baptized me, he married Husband and I, and he baptized Cora. But if I were running for office, I sure as hell wouldn't want people thinking I agree with all of the things my priest says. (First, the man can't even pronounce my name correctly. Second, he gives rambling homilies about going to a political protest and getting detained by the Feds. Seriously.)

Even the Keating scandal is irrelevant. It happened almost 20 years ago, it was investigated, McCain was scolded for his part, but ultimately, that's it. It showed poor judgment, yes. Since he hasn't done anything like that in the past two decades, hopefully he's learned from his mistakes. Don't go to bat for shady friends. It's a good rule to live by.

All politicians have some sort of ties to lobbyists or corporations or some special interests, whether it's them personally, or staff members, or political friends, or whatever. No one's completely clean. But I personally think Obama's fundraising efforts throughout his campaign have been a refreshing change and an attempt to break away from a lot of those ties. No, that alone isn't going to magically change Washington, but it's a nice little start. And certainly his campaign has energized people. People like me who, although very interested in politics and like to stay informed, have never worked for a campaign before, or even donated money. As I've said before, I first fell in love with his foreign policy positions. With the failures of the past eight years, it was a refreshing change.

There are things about candidates' character that do matter. Their ability to work with others, to listen to other viewpoints besides their own, to act rationally and calmly under pressure, to make sound decisions based on the best intelligence available. Those are also things we've been lacking the last eight years. But all of this character assassination nonsense is getting out of control. It's nothing more than a distraction from the things that really matter, which is the economic crisis. No jobs, no health care, people losing their homes, banks collapsing. But oh, let's harp on some crazy pastor's racist ramblings, and let's hit back with a two-decade-old scandal.

If someone can prove that one of the candidates has done something clearly unethical or illegal, than that's relevant. Otherwise, I wish they'd talk less about how the other candidate is friends with someone who sucks, and more about why they personally don't suck.

Shame on McCain and Palin for turning such an important election into a slime-fest, and shame on Obama for not taking the high road and bringing the focus back to the issues.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


I love the shout-out for the drinking games.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Snark? or just Stupid?

This is a follow-up observation to this clip, but it's something I thought about after I had already posted. Does it seem to anyone else like Sarah Palin has a really big chip on her shoulder? She is completely snarky when asked why she had never left the country before, getting defensive that well, she had to work for a living, she didn't have parents that handed her a passport and a backback! Then when asked what newspapers she reads, and can't answer, she later acts like it's an insult, "oh, what, you're saying that Alaskans don't read newspapers?" Huh? Seems to me she immediately jumps on the snark to avoid the having to explain herself, her choices and especially her flubs. Yeah, she'll be a great leader, able to work with those with vastly different (and sometimes maddeningly different) cultural values, since she can't even keep her calm? These interviews have been opportunities for her to quell the criticisms already being made of her with well thought-out responses. Instead, she got snarky, acted stupid, then got snarky again while being "interviewed" about the interview by Faux News.

Answering the question of what newspapers you read is not insulting in any way. You don't think journalists of all people are going to ask that sort of question? It seems to me it wasn't a political question at all, but more of a flavor question. People want to know more about Sarah Palin. Does she sit down and read the NYT/WaPo/WSJ every morning with her latte and biscotti, or does she get her news from cable television or the internet? Journalists certainly asked Bill Clinton what he read. They even asked Dubya what he reads (I believe the answer was "the funnies"). But I guess if you ask that of Sarah Palin, it's sexist, classist, elitist, insulting to the state of Alaska which she apparently feels gets an unfair shake reputation-wise by the continental 48***, and deflective of what Katie should be asking Palin, which is how she feels about someone else's tax plan (rather than her own candidate's tax plan), or someone else's comments to the media. Anyway, Palin has blamed Katie Couric and brought into question her (and Charles Gibson's) journalistic integrity. This pisses me off the more I think about it.

I know it's just something small, but it really bugs me. How a political leader carries him or herself is extremely important in relations with other countries. Sigh. Constantly blaming others for your own ineptitude is not a good reputation-builder.

You know what I would have respected in the follow-up interview with Faux News? If she would have said something along the lines of: "Doggonit, I know that interview wasn't good. Not being in national politics before, I'm just not used to these types of interviews. I was expecting the hard-hitting questions about our ticket's policies, that's what I had prepared for, but instead, I ended up getting flustered during easy questions of a more personal nature, because I just didn't expect them. I was nervous. All politicians get nervous, they all have bad interviews from time to time, especially in the beginning when they're just learning to play the game. The more comfortable I get with interviews, the better I will be at answering questions I'm not expecting, and letting the American people get to know me and what I stand for. You betcha."

And you know what? I would accept that. I can only imagine what a blathering idiot I would sound like, if I were sitting down talking to Katie Couric on national television. Considering how many times I've sounded like a blathering idiot while in class because I got called on, got nervous, and wasn't expecting the question, I can totally relate. But that isn't the professor's fault for, you know, doing his or her job. It's my fault, for blathering like an idiot, because much like Palin, I'm supposed to be prepared for any question thrown at me. Only, me sounding like an idiot doesn't actually matter, because I'm not the one running for Vice President of the United States. (President of the International Law Society at Mediocre Law School can sound like an idiot all she wants, thank you! You betcha!)

*** Sidebar on this point... I'm from a southern state which has a rather redneck reputation among our northern neighbors, including one that we don't actually wear shoes. Seriously, in high school, some people who we went on a class trip with from another state, expressed concern that we wouldn't be wearing shoes. (Yes, we wear shoes.) Sarah Palin's indignation that a journalist is implying they don't get newspapers in Alaska because she was asked what papers she reads, is as stupid as me getting upset that someone asked what brand of running shoes I wear. And no, my answer is not "all of them."


Short Sarah Palin:

"Doggonit, I didn't want to have to answer real interview questions on stuff I don't know! Like silly questions about what policy I support, or stuff that political leaders are supposed to know! I mean, I wanted to attack Barack Obama to deflect from the fact that I don't know anything! Katie Couric's mean! No fair!"

Friday, October 3, 2008


Seriously? Gross:

Palin too projects through the screen like crazy. I'm sure I'm not the only male in America who, when Palin dropped her first wink, sat up a little straighter on the couch and said, "Hey, I think she just winked at me." And her smile. By the end, when she clearly knew she was doing well, it was so sparkling it was almost mesmerizing. It sent little starbursts through the screen and ricocheting around the living rooms of America. This is a quality that can't be learned; it's either something you have or you don't, and man, she's got it.

I just threw up a little in my mouth.

And I thought the picture of Putin crouching down while wearing a wife-beater was the grossest thing I'd seen all day.

Drinking games

Tonight we DVR'd the debate and just finished watching it. I went to trivia at a local watering hole tonight, where it ended up being only me and a classmate, because everyone else bailed. We finished respectively, considering, however, for some reason I *never* seem to get the president questions right. I'm a freakin' history major for Christ's sake. I guess I need to cut Biden a little slack considering... nah, no slack. Anyway, I confused Wilson being on the $100,000 bill for Cleveland being on the $1,000 bill. Ridiculous. Granted, I'd had a few, which is never good for trivia answering. Fun though that the pub was full of liberals. Team names ranged from "Choke on a Moose Burger" to "I can see Russia from this bar stool." Some were less original, like "Sarah Palin Sucks."

Oh, and drinking is never good for debate coverage either, but here goes:

I think I need more time to absorb the debate (and re-watch it when completely sober), but I'm slightly disappointed that there was no big train wreck, from either candidate. So much potential there, such big let down. Anyway, some thoughts:

I love that Palin supports gay couples having the same civil rights as hetero couples. Good for her! Maybe there's some hope for the Religious Right after all.

Why was Palin talking about Scott McClellan when discussing Afghanistan strategy? I thought the GOP hated McClellan after his tell-all book? Someone please explain this to me. What the hell does McClellan have to do with, well, anything? Was she having a McCain Senior Moment?

Times I laughed out loud:

-- Palin being appalled by other countries' lack of support for women's rights

-- "John McCain wins wars." (I nearly spit wine out my nose.)

-- In one breath saying we need to stop looking backwards and placing blame, and in the next breath saying we need to learn from past mistakes. WTF??

Times I was actually proud of Palin:

-- Calling Biden out for voting for the Iraq War, and now not supporting it. I have a big issue with that, and it's one of the main reasons I support Barack over Hillary.

Yeah, that's it.

Times I was scared shitless:

-- Palin wants to broaden the power of the VP... uh, we've already had 8 years of the Evil Overlord, we don't need the VP to have any more power. Seriously.

Times Biden hit it out of the park -- I counted at least three, but I'm a little drunk now and I forget. I watch it again when sober.

In conclusion, Husband and I turned the debate into a drinking game, so we're a little tipsy:

take 1 drink = word salad

take 1 drink = foot in mouth

take 1 drink = for every outright lie... (oh, sorry, purposely participating in a campaign of misinformation)

take 1 drink = "maverick" [Whew, this one got us, hard core. Glad we didn't make it "finish your drink."]

take 2 drinks = "tax cuts" [Ugh.]

finish your drink = Every time a phony folksy story is told about "real" people met on the campaign trail.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

In anticipation of the debate

Here is an article from Salon, that I really feel perfectly articulates the Sarah Palin issue.

I am a strong democrat, but at the same time, I'm also one of those geeky people that loves a good throw-down election. Not in the dirty politics, skirt the issues and sling mud sort of way, but in an honest debate of the issues, the problems and may the best candidate win. In my own state, I was devastated that our idiot (now former) governor won his party's primary for last year's election. Even though that meant our party's candidate was a shoo-in. Because it meant there was no contest.

Governor Dummy's opponent in the primary was a strong female candidate. She was one of the Republicans who lost her seat in the House during the 2006 purge, which actually was kinda sad, because she wasn't someone who needed to be kicked out, and many of the worst members of Congress got to stay. Anyway. So, she lost the primary, and Governor Dummy ran again with disastrous results for him (I think he got less than 25% of the vote). I was so pissed. If she had won the primary, the election would have been about the issues, about which direction our state needed to go, and would have really forced the candidates to examine policy, evaluate our state's problems and come up with solid platforms. Instead, the election was about getting rid of Governor Dummy. The democratic challenger's platform was basically "I'm not Governor Dummy." I don't even particularly like him, he's just okay. It's entirely possible I would have voted for Northup had she been the candidate. But we'll never know.

I think that's a bad thing in politics. I'm not someone who votes just to vote against the other guy. I have to believe in the candidate I cast a vote for, that the person is qualified and is a good choice for office. As much as I like Obama, am completely in love with his foreign policy positions, and I want him to win this election, I'm gravely disappointed that the election has been less about the issues and more about distraction. McCain and Obama have completely different views on many key issues, and the debate was really good and evenly matched. I wish it could be more about debate, and less stupid ads and propaganda.

And then there's Sarah Palin. We could have had Kay Hutchison, or Olympia Snowe, or even Condi Rice (now there's someone I wouldn't want to debate... she's got that understated Professorial Scariness about her, like she's going to rip you apart for having not done all of your reading and publicly humiliate you for it... I get plenty of that in law school, no thank-you). There could have been a real throw-down debate tonight. Biden's a smart guy who often says dumb things when left to his own devices. But a real formidable opponent at tonight's debate would have forced him to kick it up a notch, instead of concentrating only on being polite and not saying too much in fear of developing a case of Foot in Mouth disease. It would have meant a battle on the issues.

So, I'm just disappointed, and continue to feel betrayed. Not that I have any say in the Republican party, and wouldn't, even I were a Republican. But I think America, especially women, were owed more than Sarah Palin. A classmate of mine made a silly comment the other day, that the only reason liberals hate Palin is because we're jealous she's "stolen the spotlight" from Obama's celebrity. Uh, no. We hate Sarah Palin because she is incurious, unqualified and anti-feminist, to add insult to injury. We desperately wanted to see a formidable woman up on that stage, showing the entire world that women are just as smart and capable as men, a no holds barred, kick-ass display of feminist virtue. We wanted someone who could take what Obama and Biden threw at her and kick it right back. And even though I would have still voted for Obama/Biden based on the issues, I would have taken some satisfaction every time that strong woman candidate got up in Biden's face and shut him down. Instead, we get to watch Sarah Palin, who will be doing good if she can manage not to spit out word salad when asked about the most basic issues facing our nation. We watch that display, three highly intelligent, capable men, and then the woman, struggling to understand the issues, trying to keep up, trying to act like she belongs, when she very clearly doesn't.

And it hurts. It just hurts.

Sarah Palin -- protector of our privacy rights

I guess someone forgot to tell SP that she isn't supposed to believe there's an inherent right to privacy in the Constitution. Whoops. Looks like she's not making Uncle Nino's Christmas card list.