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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Women and health

Here is a link to an excellent report from Planned Parenthood analyzing why McCain's health care plan would be disasterous for women (men too, but especially for women). Even if you aren't pro-choice, and might not like Planned Parenthood, you can't deny that McCain's "overhaul" of the insurance system would simply leave women stranded in many aspects of their health, not just in reproductive services. Not just poor women, or working class women either. Women like us, middle class, some even upper middle class, who depend on health insurance benefits to pay for our health care, and get those benefits through our employers. Women who make good choices about their health, but find themselves stricken with a medical condition anyway that requires expensive and long-term treatment. John McCain might be able to afford to pay his cancer treatments out of pocket (if he didn't have excellent insurance coverage through Congress, that is), but can you? I know I can't. They'd be foreclosing on my house like everyone else's.

Just because John McCain added someone with a vagina to his ticket, doesn't mean he cares about women's issues. He doesn't; his extensive voting record reflects that. Sarah Palin certainly doesn't support women, not even those who are victims; her administration in Wasilla was the reason Alaska even needed legislation to require the government to pay for evidence collection from rape victims.

With the economy in shambles, we can't let McCain completely tank the already failing health care system too. Don't sit around and let this happen. Speak out.

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