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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blog? What blog?

I know, I'm the world's shittiest blogger. Here I'm supposed to be blogging about my experiences as (now a mom) and being a law student, and all you get here are crickets and tumbleweeds.

Anyway, I promise I will post more in the future. Getting back into the groove of school and also working the maximum number of hours allowed by the honor code has been tough, especially since Business Associations is already kicking my ass, and we're only on the third week. Four credit hour class? Geez, it should be six or seven with the amount of reading we're doing. The rest of my classes are going well, just busy. I'm also working with ILS again this year, and trying to organize an International Moot Court team. Yes, I'm insane.

I guess I should probably change the name of my blog too, since I'm not knocked up anymore. Meh, when I think of something, I'll let you know.

I also failed to complete my politicking. I have a ton to say, but I don't have the time to write it all down. I'll just say this: I am incredibly disappointed in McCain for his VP choice. To choose a woman who is so completely unqualified to hold any public office, let alone the most important one, as a [very real] possibility for our first woman president fills me with such dismay, I can't even describe it. If he really wanted to choose a woman, there were several better choices within the Republican party, who have the knowledge and skills to be effective leaders. Even if I wouldn't agree with their policies, I can at least respect them. Also the fact that Sarah Palin is so incredibly anti-feminist pours salt on the wounds. All of the tidbits of information coming out about her, her extreme conservatism, her racist comments, her refusal to listen to anyone's ideas other than her own and that of her close advisors, her lavish spending while mayor which left her town with a large amount of debt and nothing substantive to show for it, I think the one that struck me the most is this story. It's the one thing that really makes me question her judgment and her priorities. There is talk about her limited executive experience, but I don't believe that's the problem at all. The fact is, she has executive experience, and her record is clear: she has her own agenda, and that agenda is not the betterment of the people she is supposed to lead. We've had eight years of misguided priorities, eight years of the administration ignoring the problems faced by average Americans, we don't need anymore of that.

Normally, I don't think the VP candidate should make that much of a difference in supporting the candidate for president. I mean, I still voted for Al Gore, even though Lieberman was on the ticket. (Don't even get me started with Lieberman, that man's been on my shit list for years.) But the idea that McCain, with his advanced age and his various health conditions, could croak and leave us with Palin as president... that makes me rather sick to my stomach. McCain I can tolerate, even though he's made many statements throughout his campaign, especially regarding foreign policy, that makes me groan from the stupidity of it all. But now I respect McCain a lot less, because it's clear he chose Palin not because she was the most qualified candidate, or a good balance to his ticket, but merely as a gimmick. (Catch a few conservative pundits on an open mic, and you'll find it to be the prevailing opinion.)

So there you have it. School, politics, what else? Oh wait, baby!

Gratuitous pics of my kid, who is now 9 months old and starting to crawl. Trouble.


LL said...

I agree x1000 about Palin. I wish I had time to write about it properly! The recent polls showing the tightening of the race have me terrified and deeply disappointed.

On a lighter note, Cora is ADORABLE and I love that last picture!!

Butterflyfish said...

Cora = awesome.

Suggestion for temporary blog name: (Formerly knocked up) and in law school. You know, until you get the urge to name your blog after sea creatures.

Cee said...

OMG CUTE CORA!! She's getting so big! Blogging can seem like a chore sometimes when you're super busy- I know the feeling! Good luck on a new blog name.