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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baby talk

I've been neglecting the "mom in law school" portion of the blog, in favor of the much more interesting topic of politics, especially regarding foreign policy, which is my big interest. But as LL points out, you don't really feel motivated to write when things are just going well and there's nothing notable to point out.

I should, however, discuss our balancing act going on to make this semester work. That's what this blog's supposed to be about, right? Babies in law school? Anyway.

This semester, I am working three days a week, and taking 15 hours. Mondays and Tuesdays are my long days. Mondays I work from 9 to 1:30, and am in class for six and a half hours straight. That's four classes back to back, two one-hour classes, a two-hour class, and a two-and-a-half hour class. I get up in the morning to see Cora for about 15 minutes, and see her for another half hour or so before bedtime. My mom watches her the entire time. Husband usually works Sunday nights, so he'll spend a couple hours with Cora before my mom gets there, then he goes to bed and usually works Monday nights too (except for days he has class on Tuesdays, which is every other week). Mondays are also a little crazy trying to figure out when to eat. Sometimes I eat an early lunch at the office, then grab something on the way to campus and eat it during class. (This resulted in me chowing down on a salad the other day in Scientific Evidence while the forensic pathologist was showing us a graphic slide-show presentation of autopsy photos involving firearm homicide/suicides. That stuff doesn't bother me, but some of my more squeamish classmates were looking at me in horror that I was actually eating during this. Hey, I'm hungry, deal with it.) When I get home, I get Cora ready for bed, eventually kick my mom out, and barely glance at the BA reading for the next day, because my brain is too tired to do anything else. I then watch the episode of General Hospital I have saved on the DVR, and after The Daily Show/Colbert Report, head off to bed.

Tuesdays, I go into work at 9 and stay until 2:30. I have class at 3, then a two-hour break before lit skills at 6. He doesn't keep us the full two hours, which is nice, so I usually get home about 7:30 and can eat dinner then. I use the two hours between classes to prepare for lit skills, prep my witness, go over my testimony, whatever. Surf the internet, chat with friends, argue politics. Whatever. My mom stays with Cora on Tuesdays as well. I usually pick up dinner for both of us on my way home. This past summer I was really good about cooking, but lately I can't find the time or energy. I spend time with Cora before bedtime, get her ready for bed, and again, kick my mother out. Usually I have a little bit of energy to do some homework/whatever I need to get done. Husband usually doesn't work on Tuesdays, but he has a play date with the guys. I'll usually wait up for him.

Wednesdays, I work from 9 to 1, then go to my one class at 2. Husband takes Cora to daycare sometime in the morning, then spends the day doing, whatever. Studying for his classes, sleeping, laying on the couch scratching himself and the dog and playing Spore. After class, I'll usually go to the gym to do some running, and spend time on the elliptical watching DVDs. I recently bought Spaced on DVD, and watched the whole series. Love it!! If you enjoy British TV and geek stuff, you'll definitely enjoy Spaced, it's brilliant. Anyway, after the gym, I pick Cora up from daycare, we go home and figure out what to do for food. Homework and such ensue.

Thursdays I fortunately don't work. So I usually sleep in a little, and Husband will take Cora to daycare. If I have an activity on Thursday afternoon at the law school (when many things are planned because there are no classes at 4 on Thursdays), I'll go to the gym in the morning before class at 1. Otherwise, I'll go at 4:00, and pick up Cora afterwards. Husband has been working Thursdays, so he spends most of the day sleeping. I'll usually pick up dinner for us before he goes to work.

Fridays, I have this insane "intermediate" yoga class at 8:30. I go there, likely injure myself by toppling over during a difficult pose, then come home and shower. Husband bitches because he wanted me to take Cora to daycare on my way to the gym, but I didn't get up early enough to do that, so he has to go. He takes her to daycare, is usually still awake when I get back from the gym, has consumed at least two beers along with something fattening, is watching geek TV, and playing Spore. (And don't get me started on the cosmic unfairness that he is not overweight but I am.) I shower, go to school for my one class, and usually stick around at the law school to do some studying. Leave around 5:00 and go pick up Cora from daycare. Feel guilty that I'm the last person to pick up my kid at 5:30 on a Friday, because I imagine the people there would like to go home. But hey, they're open until 6, so whatever.

I also feel guilty that when I pick Cora up from daycare, she's usually having such a marvelous time that I don't want to take her home. The other day they had her in this bouncy seat, and she was literally squealing with delight as she jumped up and down in it. We don't have one of those. She was still happy to see me, but wasn't too happy when I put her in the car seat that most decidedly does not bounce. Oh well. The ladies at daycare love her, because she's snuggly. She loves being held and they certainly oblige her.

Sometimes Cora will start crying when she's left at daycare. Husband's the softy, sometimes he feels guilty about it. I don't. The kid cries when I leave the room at home. She gets over it. She's happy and safe and having a good time in daycare. She needs to learn to interact with other kids too. Our friends' daughter is the same age as Cora and in the same daycare, so they get lots of time together. Their kid is a bruiser though, and one of her favorite games is taking things away from Cora. They have to learn to deal with those things, it's better to work it out sooner rather than later. I was a pretty sensitive kid, I think being around other kids earlier than kindergarten would have helped. I see a lot of my own personality in Cora, so I'm hoping she'll benefit from being around other kids and working these things out over the next few years.

Daycare is good overall, although Husband is creeped out by the "children of the corn." One day when he dropped off Cora, all the kids were seated in a circle doing some activity with the teachers. When he walked in, all of them turned their heads to look at him, staring at him completely expressionless. He sat Cora down with them in the circle, he turns to leave, looks back, and all of them, including Cora are all still staring at him. One child in particular frightens him the most, this creepy red haired girl who's currently going through a biting stage. Yikes. I'm sure there isn't any sort of ritualistic satanic practices going on though. Although that would certainly be more interesting than Playdough.

Anyway, Husband has a Saturday morning class once a month, and I usually go to the gym at some point during the day. Sundays are my big study days. Weekends are mostly family time, although we go out with friends too. We don't normally get a sitter, because our friends are fine with us bringing Cora, and they like to see her too. We need to get better about keeping the house clean, especially since Cora is on the move. We definitely need to get better about eating out less and cooking at home more. I had been really good about getting salads if I have to get fast food, but this week has been total shit. I fell off the wagon -- hard. So back on the wagon, back to eating healthy. I haven't really lost any significant weight, but I feel better and my clothes are fitting better. I'm not ready for the half-marathon next month, but since I'm already registered, I will probably just walk it anyway. Surely I can walk 13 miles. Apparently I can't run 3.1 miles without injuring myself. Meh.

So, that's my life currently: busy. Some days it's really good, and I feel triumphant. Other days, I'm a complete mess, haven't done my reading, don't have a clue what's going on in BA, and feel like a complete idiot. But there were plenty of those days before I ever had a kid. It's funny, because people will be complaining about how busy they are and hold tired they feel, and then they'll be like, oh, but you're probably so much more tired. Eh, not really. I think you learn to adapt to whatever life throws at you, if you're the type of person who just keeps trudging along, that is. I was always just as tired and frazzled before, because I just filled the time with other stuff. More TV, more going out with friends, more activities, other responsibilities. I have yet to figure out if the reason my grades are mediocre is because I have so much going on, or if I have so much going on as a way to avoid really devoting all my energy to school. I think I fill the time to avoid having to devote my time to one thing. But is that because I get bored, or because I'm afraid if I devoted all my time to that one thing, that I wouldn't perform any better? Ah, introspection. Sweet diversion.

Oh, and cute pic of my kid:

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