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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I've actually worked hard this week, hurrah! I'm about to finish a depo summary, then go home to relieve Husband of baby duty. Cora has a cold, so she's a ball of fun. Snotty, sneezy and in general, pissed off. Her poor little nose is all chapped from all the snot. Gross. Oh well, just in time to start daycare next Wednesday (which I am so excited about, by the way).

I'll be working a little bit extra this week too, because my partner in crime got canned for excessively not showing up to work. I had no idea, since he works the days I don't. Or at least he was supposed to. That sucks. Not that it's been all that busy until this week though. It appears things are starting to pick up around here.

Husband is going out of town this weekend to attend a geek conference. In return, a friend is coming in from out of town with her new baby (her husband is also geeking it out at Gen Con). I'm excited about that. Hopefully Cora stops being snotty, otherwise I can't take her around the new baby. But we've got big Girl Plans this weekend (we're all geek widows this weekend).

Next weekend is a career fair in a city north of us, with employers from three states (ours and the two that border us to the north). I'm rather disappointed with the employers who will be interviewing. There was a list of employers when I signed up, and the ones I wanted to interview with, either aren't going to be there afterall or aren't interviewing. Lame. Anyway, a friend from law school is coming with me, and we're staying with friends of mine who live up there. It should be a good time. They'll wine and dine us at the career fair and hopefully we won't have early morning interviews so we can have a night out on the town.

That's pretty much it. I do have more political posts in the works, but I'm so damn unmotivated right now, I can't even write for fun.

I can't believe classes start in two weeks. Ugh.


Butterflyfish said...

aug 18 here. ugh ugh

Shelley said...

LOL! I think I'd be wanting to hit Gen Con, being an old RPG geek myself. :)

I hope Cora feels better soon!

Cee said...

wow- sounds like the next two weekends are packed with fun (minus the interviewing part-at least I never enjoyed interviewing)!

I thought MY husband was a geek :) He goes to these crazy car shows and speaks in weird "car" language. lol.