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Monday, August 18, 2008

Last stretch

This is my last week of freedom. I can't believe classes start next Tuesday. I have to go buy a textbook tomorrow, since the title was never released in time for me to order it off the web. I'm going to pick up Husband's books too while I'm there, so it'll probably be an expensive trip.

The weekend was good, but exhausting. I don't know how single moms do it. Cora also has developed separation anxiety. Not from me or Husband specifically. Just people in general. If she realizes she's alone in a room, she has an absolute cow. I had two girlfriends over for dinner Friday night, and while I was cooking dinner she screamed at me the entire time. So, I plopped her in the Pack 'n Play in her room, surrounded her by toys, and blasted music in the kitchen to drown out the screaming. Eventually she stopped screaming and decided her time was better spent playing with her toys. It's mean, I know, but damn. There's only so much screaming you can take. Suckily, Husband managed to be out of town during the cold nastiness. I don't deal well with... sickness. Yuck. I'm not the nurse! I shouldn't be the one suctioning snot of her nose. He totally owes me a girls' weekend to Vegas after this. All us Gen Con widows have agreed -- Vegas, Baby! We just need to pick a weekend we can all get away.

Anyway, my friends came over for dinner on Friday, and while I was finishing up cooking, they entertained Cora. You know you have damn good friends when they're willing to wipe your kid's snotty nose, and retrieve the handful of Cheerios out of her mouth when she started gagging on them. Ah, adventures in parenting. Me cooking is a rare event, mostly because my cooking is generally terrible. But it wasn't too bad. I made two stir-fries. One with chicken, peppers and mushrooms, and the other with tofu, bok choy and shiitake mushrooms. Both with a mu shu sauce. It actually tasted pretty good. I managed to burn the rice a bit, but fortunately it didn't taste burnt. Weight Watchers recipes, pretty simple and low in points.

I've been going to the gym four times a week, since I'm currently training for first our city's Race for the Cure 5K, and then the Columbus half-marathon in October. I started doing this "from the couch to 5K" training, and it's going fairly well. (I stopped running on the treadmill and switched to the track after my recent misadventure.) I'm struggling, but I'm keeping up for the most part. I used to struggle to run one lap around the track, now I can run longer than I've been able to since I was in high school. I still have a long way to go, but it's nice to make progress. I've lost about 5 pounds total since I started going back to the gym, and 1.2 pounds since I started a week ago back on Weight Watchers. I really feel motivated to lose the weight and get in shape, and feel better already. Going to the gym is a really nice distraction. I definitely intend to keep it up throughout the semester. I'm determined to lose weight, not gain any more, throughout the school year. No more free pizza for me!

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