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Monday, August 4, 2008

Exercise is hazardous to your health

Only I could possibly manage to injure myself on gym equipment in a most craptacular way.

I've been training for a half-marathon in October, so I've been spending a lot of time at the gym doing aerobics. In order to keep myself on the machines, I invested in a portable DVD player, which has been successful in keeping me on the machine for 42 minutes at a time (the length of a television episode). Unfortunately, I haven't been all that successful keeping myself on the machine...

I was at the gym this evening, and having completed my time on the elliptical, began running on the treadmill. I was doing good, and very pleased that my heart rate was still staying low as I started speeding up the machine, feeling I was really making progress. That is, until I managed to somehow miss a step or lose my footing or something, which jerked me backwards. Well, that motion (thank you, Newton) jerked the DVD player off of the cubby it had been sitting in fairly securely (it was attached to my headphones, which were attached to me), sending it falling to the ground beside the treadmill. I'm not sure, with the treadmill still going 5 mph, that I could have regained my footing anyway, but the DVD player falling certainly didn't help matters. So, I managed to completely wipe out, falling onto both knees and sliding off of the treadmill, still going 5 mph. Awesome. The gym was pretty full too, so it was a packed performance.

Lesson learned: Don't use treadmill without emergency stopper thingy. Not only did it not have one of those pull things that attaches to your shirt, but it didn't even have a stop button on the front by the handles (I know, because I erroneously tried to hit it as I was falling, only to discover there wasn't one there). I should sue the treadmill manufacturer. (Products liability! Design defect!) Oh well. My knees hurt, but I've iced them and they should be fine. Certainly not the first time I've fallen on a knee, but the first time I hit both of them. I scraped up the right one, but it's not terrible. I'll be hobbling for a few days I'm sure, and if I make it to the gym at all the rest of the week, it will be for lifting only. Sigh. That's the worst part, I was having a really good workout too!

Oh, but the DVD player still works perfectly. That's a damn good DVD player. I got the replacement plan thingy at Best Buy when I bought it, as I fully envisioned this happening because I'm clumsy and drop things. But happily it's taken quite a few spills and still works great. DVD player awesome. Treadmill sucks.

Anyway, so now with my workout having ended prematurely, I'm home icing down the knees, and about to start doing more MPRE practice exams. I think I'll be okay on the MPRE. Written informed consent, don't sleep with your client, don't break into your client's ex-wife's house and microwave her cat. Thank god it's multiple choice and not essay, I unfortunately managed to not care which rule the conduct violated, just that it violated the rules. My apathy was reflected in my grade. Actually, my apathy is reflected in most of my grades.


Cee said...

Ouch! I hate when Treadmills go awry! One time this guy dropped his ipod on the treadmill track and caused his ipod to go shooting out behind him. It hit a girl on the elliptical behind him and then broke apart on the floor.

Those things are dangerous! good luck with half marathon training. I've only done one but it was the funnest race ever!

PT-LawMom said...

Ouch!! Take it from klutz girl - you are not the only one. Gym equipment is dangerous!

Infant Attorney said...

I've gone flying off a treadmill or two in my day. Thankfully only my pride has been hurt. I hope your knees feel better.

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