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Thursday, August 28, 2008

First week of 3L

Cora started daycare last week. She's going Wednesday through Friday, while my mom is still watching her on Mondays and Tuesdays. She seems to be having a lot of fun in daycare. With the exception of today (she's been a total pill since she woke up this morning), she's been in a really good mood when I get there to pick her up. Our friends' daughter, who is the same age as Cora, is at the same daycare, so that's nice. I'm glad she gets to spend time with other kids. She's very close to crawling (she goes just a few inches, then she's like, meh, whatever, what can I chew on?), so we have to work on baby-proofing the house soon. Oh, and removing dog hair from the floor. We've considered getting a Roomba, but I'm afraid the dog will have a heart attack.

Anyway, school. School started on Monday this year, which pissed me off. (Mondays have always been reading days, and Tuesday the first day of classes.) Mondays suck for me. I work from 9 to just before 2, then I'm in class from 2 to 8:30.

This semester I'm taking Con Law II (which is going to be so dreadful... idiot classmates), Business Associations (in which I'm already envisioning a bad grade), Scientific Evidence (which is going to be awesome... we have a list of kick-ass guest speakers, forensic pathologists, including a bite-mark expert, and an FBI agent), Immigration (which fortunately is being taught by an adjunct who is a real immigration attorney), and Litigation Skills (also taught by a real attorney). The best part? I only have two finals. The four hour BA exam is going to suck, but at least finals week will be such a breeze. Maybe I'll actually get to have a little celebration for Cora's birthday.

This weekend is my 10-year high school reunion. I was at my friend's house looking through our high school yearbook this past weekend, and there were a ton of people I was like, who the hell is that? (She knew most of them.) Even though I'm a very social person and I make friends easily, I tend to completely ignore the majority of people in my class. I probably only know about half of the people in my law school class (of 130), a good portion of which I couldn't match names to the faces. The rest I wouldn't even recognize if I saw them on the street. Anyway, it will be interesting to catch/meet new people, I suppose! What sucks is that most of my really good friends in high school were in different grades, especially the class of '99. Of course, at least none of my ex-boyfriends will be at our reunion, so that's a plus!

There were some great times in high school, but I certainly wouldn't want to repeat the experience. Mostly, because I've never liked the restrictions and stringent rules. (Probably why I went all crazy freshman year of college.) Looking back on old pictures, it's weird how much has changed (and how much hasn't).

Specifically, I realized I've been dressing like a lawyer since high school. (A green suit? Really?) Also, you can't really see it since I've blocked out the faces, but that's some seriously bad early-90's hair with fluffy bangs, and don't even get me started about the huge shoulder pads on that unfortunate colored suit with the built-in "undershirt." Yikes!

(This was freshman year of high school. Thankfully, this suit no longer fits, otherwise I'd probably be wearing this in a mirrored room while Stacy and Clinton berate me.)

I will still be dressing like a lawyer for this shin-dig, but hopefully a much more fashionable one. I'm wearing a simple black professional dress and accenting it with gold jewelry, which I don't usually wear, but I have a couple pieces I got in Murano that I rarely have the opportunity to wear. Oh, and a fabulous pair of stilettos.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Last stretch

This is my last week of freedom. I can't believe classes start next Tuesday. I have to go buy a textbook tomorrow, since the title was never released in time for me to order it off the web. I'm going to pick up Husband's books too while I'm there, so it'll probably be an expensive trip.

The weekend was good, but exhausting. I don't know how single moms do it. Cora also has developed separation anxiety. Not from me or Husband specifically. Just people in general. If she realizes she's alone in a room, she has an absolute cow. I had two girlfriends over for dinner Friday night, and while I was cooking dinner she screamed at me the entire time. So, I plopped her in the Pack 'n Play in her room, surrounded her by toys, and blasted music in the kitchen to drown out the screaming. Eventually she stopped screaming and decided her time was better spent playing with her toys. It's mean, I know, but damn. There's only so much screaming you can take. Suckily, Husband managed to be out of town during the cold nastiness. I don't deal well with... sickness. Yuck. I'm not the nurse! I shouldn't be the one suctioning snot of her nose. He totally owes me a girls' weekend to Vegas after this. All us Gen Con widows have agreed -- Vegas, Baby! We just need to pick a weekend we can all get away.

Anyway, my friends came over for dinner on Friday, and while I was finishing up cooking, they entertained Cora. You know you have damn good friends when they're willing to wipe your kid's snotty nose, and retrieve the handful of Cheerios out of her mouth when she started gagging on them. Ah, adventures in parenting. Me cooking is a rare event, mostly because my cooking is generally terrible. But it wasn't too bad. I made two stir-fries. One with chicken, peppers and mushrooms, and the other with tofu, bok choy and shiitake mushrooms. Both with a mu shu sauce. It actually tasted pretty good. I managed to burn the rice a bit, but fortunately it didn't taste burnt. Weight Watchers recipes, pretty simple and low in points.

I've been going to the gym four times a week, since I'm currently training for first our city's Race for the Cure 5K, and then the Columbus half-marathon in October. I started doing this "from the couch to 5K" training, and it's going fairly well. (I stopped running on the treadmill and switched to the track after my recent misadventure.) I'm struggling, but I'm keeping up for the most part. I used to struggle to run one lap around the track, now I can run longer than I've been able to since I was in high school. I still have a long way to go, but it's nice to make progress. I've lost about 5 pounds total since I started going back to the gym, and 1.2 pounds since I started a week ago back on Weight Watchers. I really feel motivated to lose the weight and get in shape, and feel better already. Going to the gym is a really nice distraction. I definitely intend to keep it up throughout the semester. I'm determined to lose weight, not gain any more, throughout the school year. No more free pizza for me!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I've actually worked hard this week, hurrah! I'm about to finish a depo summary, then go home to relieve Husband of baby duty. Cora has a cold, so she's a ball of fun. Snotty, sneezy and in general, pissed off. Her poor little nose is all chapped from all the snot. Gross. Oh well, just in time to start daycare next Wednesday (which I am so excited about, by the way).

I'll be working a little bit extra this week too, because my partner in crime got canned for excessively not showing up to work. I had no idea, since he works the days I don't. Or at least he was supposed to. That sucks. Not that it's been all that busy until this week though. It appears things are starting to pick up around here.

Husband is going out of town this weekend to attend a geek conference. In return, a friend is coming in from out of town with her new baby (her husband is also geeking it out at Gen Con). I'm excited about that. Hopefully Cora stops being snotty, otherwise I can't take her around the new baby. But we've got big Girl Plans this weekend (we're all geek widows this weekend).

Next weekend is a career fair in a city north of us, with employers from three states (ours and the two that border us to the north). I'm rather disappointed with the employers who will be interviewing. There was a list of employers when I signed up, and the ones I wanted to interview with, either aren't going to be there afterall or aren't interviewing. Lame. Anyway, a friend from law school is coming with me, and we're staying with friends of mine who live up there. It should be a good time. They'll wine and dine us at the career fair and hopefully we won't have early morning interviews so we can have a night out on the town.

That's pretty much it. I do have more political posts in the works, but I'm so damn unmotivated right now, I can't even write for fun.

I can't believe classes start in two weeks. Ugh.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Exercise is hazardous to your health

Only I could possibly manage to injure myself on gym equipment in a most craptacular way.

I've been training for a half-marathon in October, so I've been spending a lot of time at the gym doing aerobics. In order to keep myself on the machines, I invested in a portable DVD player, which has been successful in keeping me on the machine for 42 minutes at a time (the length of a television episode). Unfortunately, I haven't been all that successful keeping myself on the machine...

I was at the gym this evening, and having completed my time on the elliptical, began running on the treadmill. I was doing good, and very pleased that my heart rate was still staying low as I started speeding up the machine, feeling I was really making progress. That is, until I managed to somehow miss a step or lose my footing or something, which jerked me backwards. Well, that motion (thank you, Newton) jerked the DVD player off of the cubby it had been sitting in fairly securely (it was attached to my headphones, which were attached to me), sending it falling to the ground beside the treadmill. I'm not sure, with the treadmill still going 5 mph, that I could have regained my footing anyway, but the DVD player falling certainly didn't help matters. So, I managed to completely wipe out, falling onto both knees and sliding off of the treadmill, still going 5 mph. Awesome. The gym was pretty full too, so it was a packed performance.

Lesson learned: Don't use treadmill without emergency stopper thingy. Not only did it not have one of those pull things that attaches to your shirt, but it didn't even have a stop button on the front by the handles (I know, because I erroneously tried to hit it as I was falling, only to discover there wasn't one there). I should sue the treadmill manufacturer. (Products liability! Design defect!) Oh well. My knees hurt, but I've iced them and they should be fine. Certainly not the first time I've fallen on a knee, but the first time I hit both of them. I scraped up the right one, but it's not terrible. I'll be hobbling for a few days I'm sure, and if I make it to the gym at all the rest of the week, it will be for lifting only. Sigh. That's the worst part, I was having a really good workout too!

Oh, but the DVD player still works perfectly. That's a damn good DVD player. I got the replacement plan thingy at Best Buy when I bought it, as I fully envisioned this happening because I'm clumsy and drop things. But happily it's taken quite a few spills and still works great. DVD player awesome. Treadmill sucks.

Anyway, so now with my workout having ended prematurely, I'm home icing down the knees, and about to start doing more MPRE practice exams. I think I'll be okay on the MPRE. Written informed consent, don't sleep with your client, don't break into your client's ex-wife's house and microwave her cat. Thank god it's multiple choice and not essay, I unfortunately managed to not care which rule the conduct violated, just that it violated the rules. My apathy was reflected in my grade. Actually, my apathy is reflected in most of my grades.