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Friday, July 25, 2008

Resume question

OCI is starting super early this year. Which means I need to work harder at shedding some pounds since my suits still don't fit right. Sucks. I bought a couple "professional" dresses that coupled with a jacket will be fine for interviews, but I much prefer my "power suits." I don't like to show my legs in an interview.

Anyway, since my class rank took a hit thanks to Med Liability and finally getting my Tax grade, I'm no longer "top 50%," I'm now somewhere slightly lower than that. So, how do I put that on my resume? I omitted my gpa and class rank while looking for jobs in 1L and I found that people assumed it was much worse than it was, rather than just mediocre. But if I put my gpa on the resume, it's not very impressive, especially since I'm applying for some federal jobs competing with kiddies at other schools that have higher curves. Career services is zero help. So what do you think? Do I put "Middle 1/3"? "Top 60%"? 2.6-whatever gpa?

Where exactly does it get pathetic? Top 75%? Top 90%? Top 98%? Hey, at least I'm not last? Meh.

Ugh, I don't even get to be plain ol' mediocre, I'm now below mediocre. Fantastic. Job hunting stresses me out.


Kathryn said...

Ugh...I'm having that same problem right now. I decided to put down the GPA, but not the class rank.

Butterflyfish said...

I would put Rank: 48/96 or whatever it is. They can do the conversion. But then again, in my market, out GPAs are seriously deflated compared to the other area school, so rank is a better indicator of performance. Like a 2.6 something in neighboring school is last in the class; at my school its 50th percentile.

Minerva said...

Love your blog, and am getting ready to set up my own once I figure out WordPress (it'll be about being a big law lawyer and a mommy). As for your resume, do whatever is conventional in your area and don't try to hide it. Beef up your other high points--try to make yourself look more mature than the others with past job experience, and definitely mention your baby in your cover letter. I ignored every piece of advice people gave me about mentioning family life in interviews. I told every employer that interviewed me that I was going to try to get pregnant right away, and that work/life balance was really important to me. It didn't hurt me one bit and I got lots of offers (but I didn't have a kid while in law school, so my grades/rank were pretty good). It is what it is--just be straight up about it. When I left my first firm and went to another, I left my grade/rank off my resume because I didn't think it was important anymore, plus it just took up space. Not only did they ask about it, but they wanted transcripts! They're gonna want to know one way or the other.

Cee said...

Top 60% doesn't sound too bad- I don't know though. The whole grade thing is so ridiculous because law school teaches you nothing about actual practice! It seems so arbitrary that jobs have to be given out based on grades.

I put my GPA on my resume and my employer thought it put me in the top 30% when actually I was one person away from being in the top 50%. Sorry I'm not helpful!

newduck said...

Ugh, I totally feel for you on this one. But if it makes you feel better, most fed jobs aren't that interested in your gpa (other than clerkships). I was in the bottom 20% (er, top 80%?) and still got tons of offers for federal internships. Permanent jobs might be slightly different though.

Karen said...

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PT-LawMom said...

(((HUGS))) No advice, but I feel your pain.