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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cute break!

Sorry, I've been lazy in the blogging and haven't continued in my politicking series. I will soon. Right now I either have some sort of cold, or horrible allergies. After work today, I'm going to go home and go to bed and hope that Cora will play by herself/nap long enough to allow this.

Anyway, some interim cute:

I'm not sure Cora recognizes any difference between bathtime and the baby pool. Both have ducks.

Last night was Cora's first baby swim class at the Y. It was really lame, but Cora had a great time. I guess I must prepare myself for a whole lot of lameness to come in pursuit of entertaining children. ("Lame" as in playing the "hokey pokey" and other singing done in the pool with babies who didn't give a crap.) The part Cora enjoyed the most was she got to pick out a toy (she picked out a duck, of course). Then, to encourage "swimming," placing the duck in front of her, just out of her reach, so she would make an effort to paddle towards it. She really liked that. Well, she liked actually getting the duck. Prying it out of her hands (and her mouth) was surprisingly difficult (iron grip, that one).

I was trying not to be too grossed out by the fact she was sticking a random duck in her mouth, and who knows where that's been. Chlorine should kill anything, right? I was also grossed out when Cora spit up in the pool. First, because she spit up in the pool, and second, because I realized lots of other kids do lots of gross things in the pool too. Chlorine should kill all that too, right? Doesn't make it less gross though.

I'm also a bad mother because I didn't put her in a cute little swimsuit, just a swim diaper, so everyone thought she was a boy. It was one less thing to worry about, so oh well. She was still by far the cutest baby there. Fortunately it's Husband's turn to take her on Thursday to Lame Baby Swim.


LL said...

So cute- isn't that the greatest pool?! Landon loves his and he doesn't have nearly as many ducks, Cora's a lucky girl ;)

And don't worry, chlorine really does kill everything.

Tranny Head said...

Hooray for Chlorine and other disease-killing chemicals! I'm sure it's fine . . .

Cee said...

I recognize that pool from Lag Liv's pictures! Too cute! I love when babies are all naked- they're so cute! I was slightly disturbed at BAby Gap when I saw skimpy baby bikinis- I think a swim diaper is much better!