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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I got a bad grade in Medical Liability, a freaking C plus! I am so pissed off! Tax, I understood the bad grade, but I knew the Med Liability material backwards and forwards. I even actually did all the reading all semester and took good notes and outlined! I'm going to talk to the professor about it in the fall. He's an adjunct and has a huge trial coming up, I'd like to know how much he bothered to actually read my exam, or if he just threw the exams on a staircase and mine fell to the bottom. Here I was so happy my grades were decent this semester, and then we have to go and ruin it with the last grade. Ugh. Grades = stupid and arbitrary. I'd like to know how I get a bad grade in Med Liability and a good grade in International Environmental Law. Stupid stupid stupid. One more year of stupidity, then I can go back to feeling like an intelligent human being capable of contributing to society is some meaningful way.

Someone who doesn't get C pluses. Sucks. My gpa did improve. Until this! (Well, and Tax.) Now I'm likely in the bottom half of the class. ARGH!


Cee said...

i know that frutration SO WELL! I have struggled so much in law school with grades. When I get mostly B's I get so excited. Then I think about how far I've fallen from undergrad when B's were still evil to me.

Maybe it is a good idea to talk to the prof. I've never been brave enough to do that.

jacky said...

I understand your pain.

But remember, you know what they call someone who passes law school and the bar? Whether they have a A or a B or a C average???

If you said, lawyer, you are right!!!

Your grades aren't really important in the long haul-------


Butterflyfish said...

Feeling your pain -- Labor Law = C+