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Friday, June 13, 2008

More reasons law school sucks

Husband and I, and three of our friends took a trip to Hawaii in January of '06, and it was fantastic. Three of us stayed with my friend who's in the Air Force and lives in Honolulu, the other two stayed in Waikiki. It was just incredible. I always thought Hawaii would be overpriced and overrated, but it was truly worth every penny spent (not to mention the free place to stay was awesome). Pictures do not do it justice. Also, I'm a wuss when it comes to getting into cold water, so when you can walk from the beach into the ocean and there not even be a noticeable temperature difference, I'm allllll about that. Sand that is like brown sugar. If it rains, it drizzles for a few minutes, and you get a rainbow for your trouble. I love Hawaii so much, I want to move there and practice pineapple law. (Wonder if Dole's hiring any legal counsel?) It truly is paradise.

However, I don't recommend vacationing there in the winter. Not because the weather isn't beautiful in Hawaii, it always is. However, it gets dark at 6pm, so you get less time in the warm sun. Also, when you have to get on the plane to leave and come back home to freezing rain and 30 degree weather, it really makes you even more miserable than before you left. We vowed the next time we went, it would be when there was adequate daylight, sometime in early summer.

I was hanging out with the girls last night, and we were talking about an upcoming trip to Hawaii. Our two friends are celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary next year, and are planning to return to Hawaii, but instead going to Maui this time. His parents have a timeshare they can get that sleeps 8, and they want to take a group. Granted, we couldn't totally commit right now. We don't know what our financial situation will be, what the actual cost of the trip will be (even though the lodging will be free, airfare will probably be outrageous; also, will someone watch Cora for the week, or do we need to bring her and my mother again to serve as our au pair? Lots of things to consider.)

Anyway, I'm getting excited about the trip and thinking, you know, I deserve this! We both deserve this! We haven't had a real vacation in the three years I've been in law school. I will have just graduated, I will be about to (hopefully!) start a job where I will be busting my ass trying to prove myself as a first year associate. I deserve this, we should do this, even if we have to rack up some credit card debt to do it.

Then I realized the dates, and why I can't go.

Bar review. Freakin' bar review will start that week. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Just as I'm free of law school, I'll be stuck at the law school, finally actually learning something about law. Stupid law school. Robbing me of Hawaii.

Can I do bar review in Hawaii instead?


Since Tranny Head posted some of her vacation pics, thought I'd do the same with Hawaii pics.

From the top of Diamond Head Crater

View of the Waikiki coastline from the top of Diamond Head

Sunset on Waikiki


Portia said...

I'm a lurker to the blog, coming out of the shadows to say you should consider BarBri's self-study program. I'm doing it this summer (I'm having a baby any minute) and it's really awesome.

In the alternative, you could probably miss the first few classes - I think you can download a certain number of classes online...

Please don't miss Hawaii for bar review!!

divine angst said...

You can totally miss the first few classes. There is usually a replay schedule, you can download (a limited number of) lectures from the Bar/Bri site, and you can always pony up for the self-study iPod (or make friends with someone who ponied up for the self-study iPod).

thelongroad said...

No worries on missing the first week!! Lag Liv and I had to do that because we had finals that week. It's slightly annoying to have to catch up later, but really - not worth missing Hawaii!!!!

You will have a much easier time studying for the bar after a nice vacation. :-)

LL said...

Other people beat me to it but I was going to say GO TO HAWAII, or at least don't not go because of barbri. UChicago gets out about a month later than everyone else so we've always started late with the classes and been fine. You can do self study if the firm will cover it or you can replay the lectures on your own time from the website. You will be fine and you will be so, so glad you had that relaxing happy downtown with your husband and friends when July rolls around and it's all barbri all the time (and it would be that way even if you didn't go to Hawaii).

LL said...

and how crazy is it that thelongroad and I just commented on the exact same thing at the exact same time? It's like we're of one mind...

LL said...

Ok, so not the same time - I just realized I had your window open for a while and hadn't refreshed it. She wrote before me but I didn't see it.

I have now officially taken over your comments in a conversation with myself.

Cee said...

I LOVE Waikiki. I remember walking for half a mile out into the water with the waves only touching my knees. Oh and the snorkeling- so amazing!

Laura Harper said...

Go to Hawaii. There are ways to make up missed classes. If you do self-study, then you don't even have to worry about missing the lectures.

Zuska said...

you will so regret it if you don't go. The first week is a complete easing in - the lectures are easy, the assignment are easy - it's a breeze. Things don't get really freaky until after the 4th of July. But if you don't go, and then you spend that first week thinking "how am I going to fill my time?" you'll hate yourself for not being in Hawaii!


Jeanne said...

Go to Hawaii. I wouldn't say to go the week before the bar, but you totally have time to make up one week of BarBri. And you'll be less resentful of BarBri (maybe) if you have an awesome vacation before it starts.