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Friday, June 6, 2008


I'm still missing one grade (from an adjunct professor who apparently hasn't submitted them yet), but overall I was pleased with my grades this semester. I stayed within the confines of mediocrity, and got B's, although this was definitely my most solid semester, even going above the curve. My highest B was in Int'l Environmental Law, oddly enough. I was disappointed in my Evidence grade, I really felt I could have pulled an A-, but alas, it was not meant to be. Unfortunately, one grade popped up from last semester that caused my GPA to take a dive. Tax: C+. Ugh. Four credit-hour course too. Bugger.

Ah well. So, the moral of the story is that pregnancy in law school will kill your grades, but having a newborn baby will improve them. Although it could be that I only took 13 hours instead of 15, but then again, I was also taking a language class and studying for comps, so that should even out the extra two hours. Anyway, that's pretty much it for the 2L experience. I registered for the August MPRE, and will probably pick up the supplement two weeks before.

I'm sad one month of summer is already over. It just flew by. I had a lot to get done, and didn't really have a chance to relax and enjoy myself. Then I'm doing all this traveling coming up soon. We're going to Chicago twice in three weeks to see Husband's family, then I'm taking a trip to Niagara Falls to visit my family. Although I love to travel, I'd rather just stay home and relax. Cheaper that way too.


Cee said...

I was just drafting a "grades" post when I read yours. Oddly, my pregnant semester has been my best by far- but then my pregnancy hasn't been quite as difficult as yours was- with the surgery and all. Maybe we all just learn to BS better with each semester?

Butterflyfish said...

Yeah, my grades went DOWN this semester. And for no good reason like pregnancy or baby. C+ is a grade that makes me kinda angry, but I felt I earned it so i got over it quickly. I was royally pissed about a B in T&E because I knew that shizzit cold. I am still psised. Weird -- calm acceptance of C+, hormonal outrage over a B.

Tranny Head said...

My pregnant semesters sucked, but my newborn semester was good, too! Though after the hubby left for Iraq? The grades decidedly went down and I'm hoping for mediocrity from this term! I studied for one exam for 1.5 hours (and didn't do any reading all semester).

newduck said...

Argh! I can't believe everyone is already getting their grades. It'll probably be another month before I get mine, and I hate my law school for that. Anyway, the weird thing is that I also took Int'l Environmental Law and Evidence this semester. It was a fine goodbye to the whole deal.