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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Recent Cora

I've been such a "serious" blogger lately, I figure it's time to post some pics so you can oooh and aaahh about how cute my kid is.

Cora and her "big sister." She's finally discovered the dog. The dog loves Cora. They're kindred spirits. They're both rather disgusting. The same time that picture was taken Cora yacked up while chewing on her hand. The dog then licked it off of her.

Cora's very good at standing, with the assistance of holding on to something. Then she chews on it.

Cora thinks Daddy is awesome. Especially when he "flies" her around. That's always a big hit.

Babies for Obama!

Green beans aren't very popular. She'll eat them, but she's still not convinced it's food. Peas on the other hand are delicious. We're moving on to different colored veggies next, then fruits.

Cora still loves ducks. And chewing on her fingers. Yesterday, a tooth cut through the bottom. She's been good though. A little fussy, but not horrible. And she slept for 11 hours last night, going to bed a full hour before her regular bedtime. Growing teeth is tough work.

This one's my favorite. Yes, I'm a total geek, but I've been reading to Cora about World War II instead of nursery rhymes. (She thinks Stalin's mustache is hilarious.)


Shelley said...

She is a complete doll. Every time I'm reminded, I am so amazed that she (and you!) made it through such a difficult pregnancy, and then complications, and that she is now the happy, healthy, beautiful miracle that she is. Every time you post pictures of her, it adds a sparkle to my day. :)

Kady said...

Stalin's moustache is hillarious!

Tranny Head said...

She's a cutie, all right!

My son hates green beans and loves peas,too. It's weird - I think I'm just going to start feeding him actual green beans instead of mashed up ones. He might like those better.

Cee said...

I love that last picture- she's just so cute!