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Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Belated Mother's Day

Yesterday we decided to skip mass like bad Catholics, and spend most of the day in bed. It was storming in the morning, so it was nice and cozy. I got Cora out of her crib at 8, and brought her to bed with us after she ate/was changed. She played for awhile and then took a nap with us. She's so snuggly. I definitely don't want her in the bed during the night (my kid snores, grunts and kicks), but I love taking naps with her.

Then we finally left the bed about 1pm. Husband made me breakfast, and then we proceeded to spend the entire day being lazy. Cora watched some Baby Mozart while playing in her saucer and we caught up on some reading (I'm almost finished with the book I'm supposed to be reviewing, A Prisoner of Birth by Jeffrey Archer. Look for it sometime over the next week.)

In the evening, we went to dinner with some friends, including one who is home for the week (he goes to grad school in Texas, while his wife is finishing her last year of residency here at University Hospital). Then we came home, I quickly scrawled out my lame scholarship essay for the law school (with a 9% tuition hike, they'd better give me something, dammit). Then I got depressed when realizing my student loans very nearly equal our mortgage. I pulled up a loan calculator, and if I get a decent interest rate, I will need to do a 20 year loan. Cora will be in college by then. Now, granted, my salary should increase greatly over the years, and hopefully I will be able to dump large sums of money onto the loans eventually and pay them off quicker. Besides, I'm sure when we're paying a bazillion dollars for a tank of gas, six figure loan debt will seem like nothin'. Ah well. We'll really only struggle for the first few years (unless I miraculously land an awesome job with a living wage). Our "equity" mortgage will be paid off in five years, leaving us with just the "first" mortgage, and 20% equity in the house (maybe more if the housing market recovers). Also, hopefully Husband will find a job in his specialty after he finishes his master's which would (hopefully) up his pay scale somewhere between $20-$30K. We'll eventually be financially stable. My goal is to have the student loans paid by the time I'm 40, which will be 10 years after I am sworn in as an attorney (hopefully). Something to work towards.

Anyway, after the depression of the scholarship application/examination of the debt I have acquired to get a law degree, we cracked open a bottle of wine and savored the final two episodes of the second Torchwood series. (British shows just don't have enough episodes though. And they don't air with any sort of regularity. For instance, the next series of Doctor Who won't air until 2010. Ugh. Yes, there will be a Christmas episode and a couple of specials, but it's just not enough. The other bad thing about watching British shows is trying to avoid spoilers. The episodes of Doctor Who on SciFi Channel are three weeks behind what's aired in Britain. Makes spoilers difficult to avoid.)

So that was my first Mother's Day. Just a nice relaxing day with the family.

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Cee said...

I love days filled with nothing- they are the best!

I try not to think about lawschool loans and debt. I worry sometimes but really, I know in the end it will work out.

It's hard to believe how much people are willing to pay to be tortured! Almost as bad as paying money to be scared- watching a horror movie at the theater. :)