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Saturday, May 3, 2008


I am finished with finals, and with 2L. What a good feeling that is!

Anyway, I said I'd post about the baptism and such. We had a ton of family come down for the baptism, so the weekend in the middle of finals I got to entertain a ton of family, and then get the house ready for the reception after the baptism last Sunday. But it turned out fine, we all made it through.

First, last Friday was my masters program graduation. The In Laws came in for it, it was held at the university's alumni club. Since I won't be posting pictures of me, I'll post a pic of Cora instead (in her pretty yellow and white dress). I tried to find something blue to compliment it, like a bow or something, but couldn't find anything. (Yellow and Blue are our program's colors.)

Baby Diplomat

Then on Saturday, all the family started filtering in. We had a big cookout Saturday night, where we ended up with enough food for an army. My father in law has a compulsive need to overfeed everyone/everything he comes into contact with. He insisted on stopping by Costco on his way to town to pick up meat for grilling. We told him 6 to 8 oz of meat per person. Instead, he bought an entire herd of dead cow. I'm so tired of meat leftovers, I'm thinking of going vegetarian.

Anyway, lots of food, lots of alcohol (after the post-graduation celebrations Friday night, I had one helluva hangover Saturday afternoon, as all the family's coming in.) Our niece and nephew were also in attendance. Our five year old nephew is terrified of, well, everything, but spent the whole weekend going into hysterics every time Family Dog even looked at him. We had to keep her either outside or locked in the kitchen all weekend. I really hope this is a phase he'll grow out of soon. Even his three-year-old little sister was getting exasperated. She'd come over, pat him on the back and say, "[Brother], it's OKAY!"

Our niece, on the other hand, is fearless. She loved the dog (she kept feeding her), and loved the rabbits (that her brother wouldn't go near). She especially loved Cora. The cutest thing was Cora was sitting in her lap (with help, of course), and she squeezes Cora's cheeks together and happily proclaims, "CHUBBY!" Cora then gives her a huge smile and they both laugh. They totally bonded.

Cora and her Cousin

Then there's the baptism itself. Of course, Cora was actually baptized back in January at the hospital, but she still got to have her little ceremony and be presented to the church. I was waiting for a meltdown the entire mass, she had been a little fussy. But she did really good. Her Godfather is my best friend, and her Godmother is Husband's oldest sister (he has two older sisters).

Me with Cora, next to her Godfather

Our regular priest couldn't be there that weekend, so the visiting priest, a Franciscan, did the ceremony instead. She stared at him wide-eyed the entire time.

Cora's gown was really special. It was made from her great-great-grandmother's wedding gown, for her great-grandmother to be baptized in. I made sure she kept her bib on the whole time so she didn't yack on the family heirloom.

Cora then had a nice reception, catered by a local cajun place. We had a ton of jambalaya, crawfish maque choux, and spinach and mushroom etouffee. (Which Cora didn't get to eat, of course, not having teeth and all.) I made the cake myself though. (I figured since I spent a small fortune in cake decorating crap from those classes, I should at least use it.)

Less turdish than previous cakes

I worked hard on the cake. It had three layers and the cross layer was made of chocolate gluten-free cake (Mother in Law and nephew both have celiac). I was going to do roses on top of the cross, but I ran out of time and I was tired. So I did petals instead (which got a little smooshed from being covered... I really need to get a rectangular cake dish. I have a round one.) Anyway, it was quite tasty. It was white cake with vanilla butter-cream frosting (which I made from scratch).

A long weekend, but we got through it. We were all pretty tired by the end of it. Lots of family, lots of things going on. And a week of finals right afterwards.



Butterflyfish said...

Haha. You look like me -- same skin tone, same hair length and cut and about the same color.

Is that the weirdest comment you've ever received?

LL said...

She is so cute! The weekend sounds crazy but lots of fun :)

And what a good idea for a wedding dress- it's not like I'm going to wear it again...

Law Student Hot Mama said...

Fabulous pictures . . . and congratulations!

Cee said...

awww, nice cake! Cora's getting so big! Congrats on being done with finals.

Unique Gowns said...

Love the job you have done on the cake ! Great effort ! Someone was really tired (last pic)best wishes Dana