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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mid-Finals Cry For Mercy

I can't take it anymore. If I read one more boring-ass word of the GATT, the GATS, the TRIPs, or any other stupid-ass acronym, my head will explode.

Three finals down, two to go, and I am seriously fatigued! The last of The Family left today, so life can return to normal (other than crappy-ass* finals). My mom is taking Cora for two nights (tomorrow and Thursday), which will make me sad to be without Little Bunny for so long, but I didn't have much choice since Husband is working both nights and won't be home before I leave for my finals. I also need the uninterrupted study time (that isn't the middle of the night while she's sleeping, like tonight). But at least my outline is finished for International Environmental Law. Trade, however, is another story. Can there please be a Cliff's Notes version of trade law? The textbook sucks, and the Nutshell isn't any better. Blech.

But three more days and life will be bearable once again.

*The word of the day is definitely "ASS."


Cee said...

Way to go! Three more days- you can do it!

Think of how amazing it will be to put the last word on the last page of the last final!

Law Student Hot Mama said...

Hell, I'm only ONE down with FOUR to go and I still feel like death warmed over. Stupid effing law school.