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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Going on hiatus

I have my graduate program comprehensive exams in a week and a half. Eight hour long written exam next Friday, and then an hour long oral exam with a panel of my professors on the Monday afterwards (which is the first week of final exams at the law school). I only have one final during the first week of finals (Evidence), but I have four finals the next week (Italian on Monday, Medical Liability on Tuesday, Int'l Trade on Thursday and Int'l Environmental Law on Friday) I also need to finish my translation of Dante's Inferno, Canto 3. I'm about half-way through with it, and it still needs to be cleaned up so that it flows well. (I know, I could cheat, but I really want to do this myself, I've always wanted to read Dante in Italian. You just lose so much through translation, the beauty and rhythm of the text.)

Today we had an International Career Panel that I organized along with the career services office. It went really well, the speakers were excellent and I felt so pumped after hearing them talk, like I actually have options for my future and new ideas to pursue. I was also pleased to hear from a woman who first worked in litigation [for the attorney I'm going to work for this summer in fact], and then after two years working for him at his small plaintiff's firm, went on to work for a Big Firm. She took a three year sabbatical to have babies, then went back to work and now works in Horse Law (Horse Law's real big 'round these parts) for Big Horse Organization. Horse Law has a big international component because of import/export horsey issues, contracts in other countries, etc. And just working with people on an international level in general. Very interesting. I think one of the 2Ls who attended might get a job out of it too. He's a Chinese national, which is a very good language skill to have when it comes to Horse Law.

Anyway, I didn't have a sitter for today, as I don't have class Wednesdays until late afternoon, and my mom gets off work at 3pm and comes over to watch Cora. So, Cora took a field trip to the law school. She was a big hit, and I think everyone had expected her to start screaming during the session, but she never made a peep (other than a few coos for my classmates who took turns holding her while I went up to speak). I was very relieved!

Of course, nothing I do is without drama. I found out over the weekend that there was a conflict with our event. Our SBA president had double-booked the room (the other event being the mandatory meeting for 1Ls interested in Journal). So, even though they moved to another room, that meant none of the 1Ls were there, and 1Ls are really the target for these events. (2Ls, and definitely 3Ls, no longer give a crap.) Out of a law school of about 400 people, we had 20 people show up to our panel. We were not pleased about this, because we had discussed at the beginning of the year with the Dean's office that when there was a noon forum event at the law school, nothing could be scheduled at the same time, for this very reason, to avoid having an event with prominent guest speakers, where no one shows up. (Noon on Wednesdays are reserved for forums; no classes are held at that time at the law school.) But Journal refused to reschedule (even though they could just send out a freakin' memo instead of having a meeting at all, but whatever). So we were a little pissed about that. Oh well. I gave the extra pizza to the maintenance staff. I'm sure they enjoyed it. And the people at the forum were very interested and spoke to the panelists afterwards, so I'm glad they felt welcome at least.

So that's that. I've been working hard on getting my reference notebook together for comps. Mom's taking Cora overnight tonight so Husband and I can have an entire day of uninterrupted studying. We sure need it. I'll be on hiatus until after finals, although I'll be lurking on blogs during class I'm sure!

Here's some departing cute:

Good luck on finals!!


Shelley said...

She is so beautiful, Proto! What gorgeous eyes. I am so happy that everything has worked out over the past few months.

Good luck with comps and finals - and get yourself a spa weekend afterwards!

Cee said...

cora= adorable as always. Glad your event went well even though you didn't get the turn out you wanted. Good luck on finals!!

Law Student Hot Mama said...

That sounds so intense! Man I hate when finals approach - the whole law school experience is like taking a band-aid off slowly instead of just ripping it off.

Also, Cora is fab!

PT-LawMom said...

Good luck!!

She is *unbelievably* cute!!!

Andrea said...

I love how her sock is coming off in the third one. It's the baby way! Good luck getting through finals.

Butterflyfish said...

Thinking good thoughts for you