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Saturday, April 26, 2008


Hells yeah... Post-graduation tradition: Going out to the same local watering hole, and getting completely trashed. Solving world's problems with the assistance of my classmates.

Tonight was graduation for my Graduate Program. While I don't know my fellow graduates very well (they all started after I had left the program for law school, so I never had classes with them), I appreciate the camaraderie they have with one another, because I had (and still have) that with those classmates I entered with. Because of the joint degree, I am the last of my incoming class to graduate. But I was still able to celebrate with a few of my classmates, who came out to celebrate, even a year and a half after they all graduated. What an incredible experience it has been, and I will always treasure the people I now call my friends and colleagues as well as the knowledge I gained. I now hold a Master's degree. I'm proud to be an alumnus of my school and treasure the time I spent with them, with my fellow graduates and knowing that I am one of many who hold the degree in a small community of graduates from our program. I've graduated!!!! One more year of law school, and I will have the three degrees I've worked so hard to obtain.