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Sunday, March 16, 2008


I know, I've been neglecting The Blog for awhile now. The semester's been wearing me down, as well as the job search.

No word on the WTC internship. (I take that as a "no.") I had an interview with another mid-size insurance defense firm on Thursday after I got back from Florida. It's amazing how much more at ease I am during an interview for a job I don't really care if I get or not. Now that I have a job offer from the small plaintiff's firm, I am in a position to be choosy about the job I take.

I also seem to be having some sort of career crisis as well. I'm beginning to regret ever having gone to law school, as I'm getting burned out and the idea of becoming a slave to the billable hour is just not enticing. And since it's been harder than I expected to find the "non-law job," I just wonder if I'll be able to find anything I like. Or at least not hate.

The trip to Florida was good though. I wish we could have stayed longer. (Fortunately all the snow we were hit with at home had melted by the time we got back and it warmed up.) We took Cora swimming in the heated pool. She had a good time. I think we're going to sign up for some baby swim classes this summer.

Water Bunny

Some actual spring weather when we got home.

Anyway, I managed to contract some sort of nasty stomach virus during my last two days of spring break. Fantastic. I had plans today, I had plans last night, all canceled. Disappointing. I'm trying to get some outlining done, since I'm restricted to the bed and the bathroom. Trying not to infect my husband or my kid.


LawSchoolMom said...

Cora looks very happy in the pool! I know what you mean about burnout. Most days I really regret going to law school.

jacky said...

I told you before, I will say it again-- Government Job!!!! Good benefits, good hours, good leave.....

government job......

Hope you are feeling better soon!!


Stephanie said...

A couple of blogs you may find of interest:



Both Monica and Julie are great and one of their focuses is attorneys and careers—and satisfaction in life!

Cee said...

Cora is adorable in the water- a natural water bunny!

I regret going to law school all the time, nurses and engineers are in such high demand...I feel like i chose the wrong career sometimes. But keep your chin up, you'll eventually find something you enjoy!

Law Student Hot Mama said...

Hehe . . . lawyer burnout before even becoming a lawyer! I love it!

Beanie said...

I love the sunglasses. She seems like such a happy baby, it brightens up my day.