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Monday, February 4, 2008

Snoring away

Glad someone's getting some rest. Not me. Little Gremlin is a growing girl, she's almost 10 pounds now. She decided she needed food every three hours last night, so I'm pooped.

I had two doctor's appointments this morning. One for a general physical and get an order for lab work (all that cholesterol and thyroid checking and whatnot), and then to talk about birth control. I had a script for birth control already but when I went to fill it, it wasn't covered by my insurance and it was going to be nearly $60. Hell no. So I went to student health to see if I could get one of the student packs. Well, there isn't one that I can take that's in a student pack. Ugh. Anyway, I did have a good conversation with the nurse practitioner though, and she wrote me a prescription for a medication to increase my milk production. I told her we couldn't afford a lactation consultant, so she said if I wanted to make an appointment soon I could bring Cora in and she'd help me with some technique. So that was nice. However, I just can't have unprotected sex without ending up with Irish twins.

I then dropped in on the career services dean. I sent her an e-mail, but I wanted to talk to her in person. She was busy and tried to blow me off, but then I started tearing up and she took a few minutes to chat. Too late for OCI, but I can send my resumes to those firms myself and hope they'll take the time to interview me in their offices. I've already gone through all the resources her office provides, and there's always grants for public interest work and the drug prosecution program. I'm not really interested in either, but we'll see. She mentioned she could go with me to talk to the firm, but agreed that they probably won't be up-front and honest about the reasons. Also, she said I might not want to burn those bridges. Sometimes those decisions are made by one or two people, and the rest of the partners find out only after the fact. But honestly, after getting treated like this, even if it is only by one or two people, I don't want to go back. What they did might not be actionable, but it's still completely unprofessional and shitty.

Mixed feelings on the whole thing. On one hand, I'm excited about the prospects of a new job, meeting new people, learning new things in a different area of law. On the other hand, I really liked what I was doing and the firm, and am sad to leave there. This feels as bad as when your boyfriend breaks up with you. You're now free to hook up with other guys, but you still got your heart broken. Sucks.

I guess I'd better get to resume printing and cover letter writing. I have to go talk to another dean tomorrow and see if I can postpone my tax final, yet again. I didn't get any studying done this weekend since I was too busy desperately making contacts for jobs. Again, sucks.


PT-LawMom said...

Ugh, ugh, ugh. Bad luck all around. :( I'm so sorry, sweetie. Hope some good news comes your way soon!

Kathryn said...

If you are talking about taking the minipill, Walmart now has some BC for $4. I don't know if they are minipills or not. Reglan for your milk supply is generic at wal-mart as well. I really hope you get this job situation worked out soon!

Cee said...

oh man, so much on your plate. You'll find the perfect firm for you...it will all work out!

Beanie said...

Since the school isn't going to step up for you, is there a partner that you had done work for at the firm that you think you could speak with? I would have a call with that person and ask if they could find out what happened, or in the alternative, write you a reference. In fact, make the call to get the reference, and when they act surprised that you need one, drop what happened. Be uber professional about it.