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Thursday, February 21, 2008


We got hit with an ice storm today. Not a terrible one like we had a few years ago where the entire city was out of power for nearly a week. But it got us dismissed from school early, of which I'm a big fan, considering I hadn't finished my reading for International Trade, and even though I still had an hour to get it done, it wasn't high on my list of things I wanted to do.

So I ice skated my way back to my car, headed to the grocery store to get stuff for dinner (since my dinner plans with girlfriends had been canceled), and came home for some extra snuggling with Cora and Husband. However, Cora wasn't up for much snuggling. She's been extra gremlin-esque today, squalling at me most of the day. We took a nap together, and then she woke up literally screaming at me. I tried feeding her, and she was too pissed. After being unsuccessful at soothing her, finally Husband took her so I could finish my nap. I slept for four hours! I realized when Husband woke me up for dinner (which he'd made while I was asleep) that I've caught Cora's cold. Fantastic.

Anyway, Evidence is canceled for tomorrow, I'd intended on skipping Italian anyway, so I'm taking a full "ice day" and skipping Int'l Environmental Law. It might be canceled, but I doubt it. I feel slightly guilty for skipping, since I skipped on Tuesday, and I'll be skipping again the day before spring break, but oh well. I'm sick, I need to rest, and walking 10 minutes to the law school for just one class, in really cold weather, is not my idea of resting.

Saturday, we're going to a basketball game in the afternoon and then I'm hosting a bridal shower for a friend who's getting married. It's not very traditional, it's more like pre-gaming for the bachelorette party. I baked two penis-shaped cakes this morning, and tomorrow I'm going to make the frosting and ice the cakes. Fun times. If I'm not dying of whatever funk my kid gave me, of course. She had it for two days, I hope my recovery is so quick!


LL said...

I love snow/ice days - I'm going to miss them once we're back in Texas. I hope you were able to relax and are feeling better soon!

Law Student Hot Mama said...

That sounds like the kind of bridal shower I would have enjoyed. I HATE bridal showers where you have to play games with clothes pins and "taboo" words like "wedding" and "bride." I also REALLY hate those games where you have to dress in toilet paper. Ugh. I didn't even like my OWN bridal showers, much less anybody else's.

Penis-cake doesn't sound like that kind of bridal shower. I approve!

Cee said...

Sometimes it's so hard to make the decision to skip-- it's all the guilt etc. But once you firmly decide to skip, nothing feels better! Yay for Ice days :)

Hope you and Cora feel better!

newduck said...

Good lord, where did you find a penis-shaped mold for your cakes? (Even as I type this comment I'm wondering if I read that right.)

PT-LawMom said...

Hope you get over the cold soon! I do NOT envy you the ice. Used to live in PA and I would inevitably fall down on the last piece of ice left on the ground. Such a dork! Don't know how you guys do it almost year-round. Bleech!!! Get well soon!

Shelley said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!