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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Relearning to Parent

Husband spent last night at the hospital with Cora, who was apparently back to her old self: about 2am she morphs from Sweet Little Bunny to Grumpy Little Gremlin. So, he's home sleeping while I'm on duty at the hospital.

Cora's been slightly gremlin-esque today. She's been rather pissed off. Also, I think the continuous feeding tube has taught her a bad habit -- she wants to eat much more and much more frequently. Fun. I fed her 1.5 ounces at 2pm, then at 3:30pm she was hungry again, and took 2 more ounces. She was fed, changed and swaddled, but still was fussy. And she was still trying to eat her hand. So I got her a binky, and she actually took it. It didn't make her go to sleep immediately, but she laid in the bed completely bewildered by the new device and continued to suck on it. She's slept for the past hour and a half, and is just now starting to move around and be grunty.

So, here I am, watching Iron Chef, listening to Cora grunt (and watching Cat Cora figure out what to do with venison). I really should start studying for tax. I really should care about tax. Really.

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newduck said...

The C in torts, the tax exam, the outlines... none of it matters. Five years from now you're going to have a gorgeous, healthy five year old daughter. Twenty years from now you'll have a grogeous, healthy twenty-year old daughter. But thirty seconds after you graduate from law school, the C in torts will cease to matter. Hang in there.