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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Maybe this water thing ain't so bad after all

Cora actually had a bath where she didn't scream bloody murder the entire time (plus 20 minutes afterwards). She seemed content to kick the water and then try to suck on the wet mat (it's amazing how far she can turn her head... she's like an owl).

I just noticed, the thoracotomy scar and the scar from the chest tube are visible here. She also has a spot on her back where the shunts were placed in utero. The kid's got some serious battle wounds for someone who's only 8 weeks old!

Speaking of battles, I've been rather abused by my child for the past 24 hours. Last night, I got projectile-vomited upon with a crazy amount of regurgitated milk. (Then of course she was immediately hungry again, because she'd just yacked up her dinner. Ugh.) Then this morning, just as we were getting ready to leave the house, she had a massive blowout and was completely covered in poo, up to her shoulders. So she got an impromptu sponge bath this morning. (She was not so pleased about that one.)

Other than that, it was a good day. I went and showed her off at the office this morning, and then got some chores done. I went to my Italian class, and my Med Liability class was canceled. I came home, helped Husband finish up the dinner (that I'd originally started... we'd been tag-teaming on the prep work for the meatloaf). Nice relaxing evening!

(The long one is the thoracotomy scar, the circular one is the chest tube. Both are below her right breast. Click to enlarge.)


LL said...

Oh my goodness, what a cutie!! Landon started accepting water into his life at about 10 weeks- now it's his very favorite thing. He figured out splashing a couple days ago and thinks that's Hilarious.

Cora does have some nice battle wounds (although I couldn't actually see them in the picture), but they'll make her the cool tough kid on the playground ;)

Proto Attorney said...

Oops, wrong picture, you can barely see it in that one from that angle. I'll add the other photo. :)

Rayne of Terror said...

Oh I love it when baby bellies still look like frogs - so round with the legs bent at the knees.

Cee said...

aww, so cute! bath babies are so fun! dont they smell so good after a bath? I love it :)

Law Student Hot Mama said...

Why is it that when they're newborns, they get that poo to the shoulder thing? I don't understand - is it that the diapers are too small or is the poo really that explosive? My son used to get diaper blowouts all the time and I thought for a while I was doing something wrong . . . but maybe the diapers they make just suck. I always like to blame others when I myself can avoid blame . . . heh.

Shelley said...

She's so precious! The way you'd previously described the scars, I was expecting something truly jarring -- but I had to look really hard to find them in the pictures! A few more months and you'll think, "Where were they?" :)

jacky said...

So cute!!