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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Law school reality check

Oh yeah, and I'm in law school.

Reality check back to the land of mediocrity. Actually, this one falls below mediocrity and into the category of craptastic. Torts grade: C. Ouch. Way to kick the ol' GPA when it's already down. On one hand I probably should have waited to take the final and not taken it two weeks postpartum. On the other hand, had I waited to take the final, I'd be taking it next week and it might have been even worse. Oh well, it was only a 2 hour course. Now a C in Tax... that one will definitely kill my GPA. Ugh. Honestly, I'd take a C minus if I didn't have to actually sit for the four-hour exam.

I've been bad about studying since Christmas. I did really good before then, but I still haven't even opened my tax supplement. My insurance outline is done, so at least I'm not a complete slacker. But I really don't know how I'm going to cram for an entire semester of tax in a week's time. Sucks.

Oh well. Honestly, I don't care. Last year, I would have been devastated about that C in Torts. But I know it's not reflective of my capabilities or my intelligence, and certainly will make no difference in what job I get. So who cares? I enjoyed the course, I took a lot from it, and I was taking care of a two-week-old baby at the time, attaching a milking device to my breasts every three hours, and still recovering from childbirth. Take away those distractions, and I totally would have pulled at least a B plus.


CM said...

2 weeks postpartum, I don't think I could even concentrate for long enough to complete an exam. So pat yourself on the back.

I just took my Tax exam a few weeks ago. If you think it would help, I can send you my outline.

Shelley said...

OMG, you are such a law student. Two weeks after the Peach I was just getting off of bed rest and I was insane with sleep deprivation. The thought of Matthew leaving me alone at home with the baby sent me into a panic tailspin.

And even studying and with no baby, I got a B- in tax. You don't want my outline, I assure you!

Cee said...

Its so nice to finally get to that point where you realize your grades do not reflect who you are. Law school is much more enjoyable (and sane) that way :)

I admire how you're sticking with it... it gives me hope that i can do the same next year. :)

Yay for Cora coming home soon!

Kathryn said...

Take it from a mommy who has been there, the semester you have your baby will not be a great one, GPA-wise. But you have something that good grades will never in a million years be equal to - your precious child. You should be very proud of yourself. You have accomplished so much this semester. Best of luck on your tax exam! Remember, "Cs" get "JDs"!