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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Law School? I'm in Law School?

Definitely not ready to be back to school, but it's not all bad so far. I've now had all of my law school classes, and tomorrow I'll have my first Italian grammar class. My favorite class will definitely be Medical Liability. We're watching a movie tomorrow and Monday. I love any class that will let me watch movies instead of making me read a billion pages of boring case law. Same goes for Evidence. Love it.

International Environmental Law will probably be pretty painful. The reading is rather dull, and class isn't much more exciting. International Trade Law is going to be painful, but for different reasons. The material is more interesting, however, a couple problems. First, the class size is really small, more like a seminar. Which means we're all expected to participate, a lot. Second, we're in a classroom that is set up in a big square (for seminar discussion), and our professor is sitting with us. I'm sitting beside him, ugh. How am I supposed to spend the entire time on Facebook and tuning out my classmates, when the professor has full view of my screen? Sigh. It'll be a long semester. But the quandary is whether I should write a paper for the class or not, in lieu of a final. The idea appeals to me, definitely. I have a couple topic ideas, one being fish. The other ideas I have involve Canada. But we'll see.

Anyway, as painful as both classes will be, they will be excellent review for my graduate school comps, and in many ways, they're like super hard classes from my grad program. I can't believe I'm finally going to graduate this semester. It's rather sad though. I'm going to miss being part of the school. I'm going to try to participate in as much as possible this semester.

So, very eventful day. Three classes. I went to the daycare center on campus to convince them to take Cora in August. The daycare is an "early childhood development" center, where they employ graduate students to teach the kids, not just feed them, change them and stick them in a swing. Problem is, they go for economic and racial diversity, and they only take six infants. Middle class and white? Not very diverse. Plus, parents that have another child already in the program get automatic enrollment for new siblings. Yes, I sooo played the "preemie with the congenital lung defect" card. The lady seemed much more interested after that, and said she thought there would be a spot open this fall. I hope so, and I hope they take her. It'd be awesome to have her in daycare next door to the law school and even more awesome to have her in a place that will engage her and stimulate her, and most importantly, help her reach her potential as a child genius, which she obviously is!

Anyway, after class, Husband had a dentist appointment. So, I dropped him at the college of dentistry and then Cora and I hung out in the car, parked in a lot behind the law school. She'd been a little gremlin all night for Husband (he was up with her so I could get some sleep for class today). But this afternoon, she was a sweet little bunny again. She was wide awake and alert, and we amused ourselves by playing with the little jingling toy on the car seat. She bats at it like a little kitten. At first I didn't think it was voluntary arm movement, but then I noticed she was staring at it intently. So I started hitting it to make it swing and jingle, and then she would bat at it. Very cute. Having Husband and Cora to come home to makes the day much brighter. (Oh yeah, and Family Dog too.)

I'm still behind in answering e-mails and returning phone calls, and heaven knows, writing thank-you cards. Plus, I managed to lose three bills during the great paper displacement when the in-laws were here. Ugh. I'm still trying to pull myself together and get organized. Tomorrow things will be a little bit better. I'm taking the Insurance final in the morning, and then I will only have Tax to worry about. I got my Internet Law grade and was pleasantly surprised: a B! Back to the comfort of mediocrity! Considering the craptastic semester I had, I'm amazed I didn't get all C minuses. Maybe I'm not a complete mess after all. Just mostly!

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You're amazing. It needed to be said. And congrats on the B! W00t!