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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Day Twelve

Tonight's nurse is very nice. I was just thinking I was thirsty and should go get something from the cafeteria, and she brings in a pitcher of water. Awesome.

Cora's doing well. Husband and I snuck out for a bite to eat and a beer with our friends during shift change, then we came back to the hospital and I took a nap while Husband snuggled with our daughter. Now Husband's gone home, and I'm snuggling with Cora, waiting for her to wake up and eat so I can get some more sleep. When the doctors round in 7 hours, I'm hoping they'll say she's sprung and we can finally go home!


Shelley said...

Wonderful news! I hope she gets to go home with you tomorrow -- and you can be together at home, the three of you!

LL said...


lawmom said...

I have been checking in everyday I am so glad she is doing better. That is great news!!!!!!!!!