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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Day Seven

One week and counting. It will likely be at least another week, maybe longer, that Cora's in the hospital. They did the echo, and there were no issues with her heart, which was an enormous relief. The doctor was very encouraging this morning. She said it was no longer a matter of "if" Cora will recover, but rather how long it will take. They don't want to rush her by taking her off the dopamine and such, and are weaning her very slowly, but they have turned down her ventilator and she's doing well with that. I'm looking forward to them removing the chest tube, and hopefully soon after that, the breathing and feeding tubes can come out as well.

We're spending another night at home tonight. We gave up the sleep room, as there is a family there with a child much sicker than ours, and we figured they needed the room more than us. They had locked down the PICU for hours while they worked on the baby. I'm not sure what's wrong with the child, but it seemed pretty scary. Seeing the surgical team rushing in there put knots in my stomach, knowing that was us just a couple days ago.

If there's one thing Cora has taught us, it's to never take a moment for granted. We had 20 wonderful days with our daughter, where we treasured every minute because of how grateful we were that she was alive and healthy when she was born. If those 20 days are all we would ever have with Cora, it would have been a comfort to know we hadn't squandered them. I remember thinking about this while she was having surgery, while trying to deal with the reality that she might die. We almost didn't have any more days with her, and as painful as that was, I never want to forget that feeling. I never want to take for granted the blessings in my life, especially my family. So, there's a New Year's resolution: appreciate every moment.

Happy New Year....


Shelley said...

In reading your posts about Cora and all you're going through, I think all of us are hugging our children a little more tightly tonight. Thank you.

And I am so very glad Cora is doing better!

TriLawyer said...

I second what shelley said. Too true. What you have gone through has truly made me realize how lucky we parents are to have such wonderful little things in our life. Life is precious. Unfortunately, we cannot help but take it for granted when things are going well or at least going without any major problems.

Cora is a beautiful little piece of wonder and you (and we) are lucky to have her in your life. I am confident that you will have many, many more joyous days ahead. But I realize that this is not really a time that you can appreciate that.

I just wish there were something I could do for you (as I am sure all who read your blog wish). IF there is ANYTHING....please let me know. I would even love to simply send you flowers or a gift certificate for a night out. It is the least I can do for what you have had to endure. Of course, if I could do something similarly for Cora - I would.

It is wonderful to hear that the echo came back without problems. I feel in my heart that things will only continue to get better. I will continue to think of you all and pray.

2008 is going to be the year of hope for us all.


Beanie said...

I'd like to second what Ken said, I would love to send a little something to you two or Cora as a present. Perhaps a registry on Amazon so we could send along our favorite treats? I know that you want to keep as much as you can private, but I think it might just be the ticket.

jlavine8 said...

I also want to leave my prayers and good thoughts here for you all and Cora. I am so happy it looks like she is doing well.

I love the amazon.com idea. We would love to give you all a little present.

Hugs and Prayers