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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blog? What Blog?

Has it really been almost a week since my last post? This week has flown by, and been completely crazy. School, extra-curricular activities, functions, dates, and of course, Cora.

Cora: She's now six weeks old. We finally got real smiles yesterday. She was smiley all day, and she is so alert and active. She also had a pediatrician appointment, and being a little piglet has gotten her up to 7 pounds 15 ounces. She's no longer in newborn diapers, but in size 1. Her preemie clothes don't fit anymore, and her 0-3 months clothes finally fit her, instead of swallowing her. She no longer screams when her diaper's being changed, so long as we play her music. She wakes up only twice during the night to eat, every three hours. She eats four ounces each feeding, and then yacks some back at us. (Yesterday, Husband was carrying her in the hallway, and she coughed at the same time as spitting up and it shot upward into the air like a fountain and splattered back down onto Husband's arm, his shoe and the floor. Husband didn't find that nearly as amusing as I did.) She's a lot of fun.

Dates: Husband and I went out Tuesday night to see a movie and get some much-needed beer at our favorite watering hole. We saw Sweeney Todd, an upbeat family film, released just in time for the holidays. Seriously though, Johnny Depp did an excellent job, we thoroughly enjoyed the performance. We also thoroughly enjoyed the beer, and stayed much too long. However, we still had trouble getting rid of my mother after we got home!

Functions: Husband's goddaughter was baptized on Sunday. It was a lovely ceremony. Makes me look forward to Cora's!

Extra-curricular activities: Planning the Women's Law Caucus luncheon. We have a new venue and caterer, and a new date, after the old venue closed down. I'm getting the invitations tomorrow.

School: Yep, it's still there. I like all of my classes, although the int'l environmental law class is so far really boring, because it's all economic theory and crap. I'll be glad when we get to actual law stuff. I'll be taking the tax final the first week of February. Can't wait. Class ranks came out today. I decided, again, to ignore mine. I didn't get it last semester either. I was happy with my gpa increase from last semester and decided to not ruin my good mood by finding out exactly how many people are "better" than me. I don't need to know my class rank, because I'm not applying for any jobs that give a crap about class rank or would ever ask for a copy of my transcript. I just want to graduate this semester from my master's program, and look forward to only one more year of the hell that is law school. Oh! I almost forgot. Apparently I started a trend... there's another 2L at my school that's pregnant. Don't drink the water over at Mediocre Law School.

(Oh yeah, gratuitous picture of my kid.)


Cee said...

Your trend is picking up across the country too. I started reading your blog about one month before I got pregnant myself as a 2-L. Having read your experience before I found out made me a lot more confident that things could actually work. Thanks!

Again, Cora is very cute! They are so irresistable when they smile (even when its just gas). :)

Beanie said...

We love gratuitous Cora-ness! Glad to hear things are going well, even with the projectile vomiting.

newduck said...

She is so cute!

But I bet I can beat any law school baby boom. My 3L class alone has FIVE pregnant women (at least ones that are currently showing), and I've heard there are at least four more in the 2L class. We should start selling the water out of the drinking fountains to fertility clinics. Maybe then we could afford to hire some decent professors.

Law Student Hot Mama said...

I love the projectile vomiting . . . my infant does that every time he gets a cold and he coughs too hard. Hooray for mysterious stains on the ceiling you hope your landlord/next perspective owner of your house never notices!

Andrea said...

Well, *I* was entertained by the spit-up story, anyway. What big pretty eyes she's got!