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Thursday, December 27, 2007

More waiting

Another night in the hospital, and likely to be a week more (if we're lucky). If Cora remains stable, they will likely do the thoracotomy, to remove the top right lobe (the one with the CCAM), on Monday. Both attending surgeons want to be there for the surgery. If she starts going bad, they will do the surgery immediately, performed by whichever surgeon is on call.

We're staying the night at the hospital again. All we can do is sit with her. Touching her and even talking to her very much gets her too stimulated, and we have to keep her calm.

Her ER doctor and nurse just came up to visit, which was very nice of them. Husband knows both of them, and used to work with them. The ER was insane last night when we were in there. My personal favorite was the redneck lady in the next room who'd shot herself in the leg and was screaming, "Heyulp me!! HEYULP me!!" The nurse curtly told her, "We're trying to help you. We didn't do this to you. You did this to yourself." My other favorite exchange was: "What did you shoot yourself with?" Response: "A gun!" Fantastic.

Anyway, the nurses in the PICU are very nice, and things aren't as strict here. Some of the NICU nurses weren't so nice when we were in there. But we're doing okay so far, hanging in there. Today is much better than yesterday, yesterday was quite awful. Still scared as hell, but more optimistic today.


LL said...

Still thinking of you constantly and praying for your little fighter. I hope you both can get some sleep tonight.

PT-LawMom said...

I'll keep praying. Hope you get only kind and understanding nurses throughout your visit. I'm heading out of town without Internet access but know that I'll be thinking about you all and sending up daily prayers.

TriLawyer said...

I am so sorry for your pain. You don't know how many people are praying for you, including me. You are doing all that you can. Keep praying and keep your optimism. Things will work out for a reason.

I am sure things are going to work out. Cora is beautiful and I know that she feels your love. I just hope you feel ours.

Take care. We're thinking of you.


Cee said...

hang in there! Your family is in my thoughts!

I just found out that I am pregnant and I have to tell you that your blog is so much help to me. Reading your posts is encouraging, it helps me realize that I can do this and law school too, thanks. and again- cora is in my thoughts!