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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Midpoint exam update

Well, sorta midpoint. I've now taken two of the finals (PR and Internet). PR was yesterday at 1:30, Internet was this morning at 8:30. Boy, back-to-back finals are super-fun, lemme tell ya.

PR was rather mediocre. No big surprises, but nothing that suddenly clicked in my brain and inspired greatness. I got a couple outlines (one provided by a blog reader... thank you!), and then read the entire Examples & Explanations book. Wish I'd read E&E sooner, because our professor apparently read it too, and used a lot of the same hypotheticals in class. Nothing that was on the exam though, oh well. I wish we could've had the model rules with us. It doesn't make for a stellar essay when you have sentences such as: "This totally violates one of the model rules. Like, that one rule, you know, that's something about duties to former clients? Yeah that one. Totally violates it. Totally." Okay, maybe it wasn't quite that bad, but it felt like it. Meh. Fortunately my quiz grades were well within the curve, so even if my exam is below the curve, I shouldn't take too much of a hit. If I get a C+ in the class, I'll be perfectly content. If I get a B+, I'll throw a party to celebrate. (You're all invited.)

After the exam, I had to run to the office to resubmit my time sheet so I could get paid. I was a little miffed about that one, because I know I turned in the time sheet, however, it having been a week early (I wasn't going to work last week, so I turned it in the day before Thanksgiving so I wouldn't have to worry about it, heh), it apparently went missing. Ran to the office, ran out, ran home, woke up Husband, and dragged him out of bed to attend a two-hour birthin' class.

Birthin' class was on "comfort measures" during childbirth. Since my request for the administration of pain drugs somewhere between 7 to 8 weeks was denied, and I apparently have to wait until I'm actually in labor to get them (bah), I thought some pain management techniques might be helpful. Eh. It was all right, nothing special. Not really any information I couldn't have gotten off-line or from a book. The classes we've been taking are at a private hospital (and offered to the public for free), so I figured why not. Next week after finals are over, Mommy and I are taking the infant CPR class. (Husband obviously gets to skip that one.) Unfortunately, they have yet to offer a class in "Not Freaking Out the Second Your Child Sneezes" class, or the "Your Child Isn't Actually Dying When She Gets a Minor Abrasion." I will probably be driving Husband crazy with things like, "The baby threw up!!! Should I call 911????" (But I take reassurance well, so if he tells me it's all fine, I will believe him and tell the paramedics nevermind.)

Anyway, after the birthin' class, Husband dropped me off at the law library to study with my cohorts. We went through some problems in the book and then my friend dropped me off at home, where I mindlessly copied portions of my outline into the textbook. (The exam was open book.) Wasn't really necessary though. The exam itself was remarkably straight-forward and nothing horrific. We were really expecting something horrific. The problem was more that there wasn't enough time. I could have used another 30 minutes to do an actual thorough job of analysis. I always try to manage my time to be under 5 minutes of the suggested time for each section, so I don't risk running out of time and not getting to an entire essay or something. But I was consistently running over, even giving bare bones responses, so that I had barely 10 minutes to complete the last essay question. I think the sentences in the final essay were in caveman speak. "Copyright infringed! Bad people! Pull down material! Give notice! " Oh well. Overall, it wasn't a terrible experience, and with the number of brainiacs in the class, I wasn't getting the A anyway. It'd take a whole lot of 3L apathy to even get me to an A-, I'm afraid.

So, two down, three to go. My next exam is Friday afternoon for Insurance. I'm still working on my outline (go me), but Insurance is the class in which I feel most confident about the material. Then I have to pick up the Torts take-home final to do Friday night/Saturday by 4:30. While I know the material for that class pretty well, I'm concerned that the take-home final will be graded much harder, and this professor, while awesome, grades really tough. (I did not get the grade in her Torts class last year that I expected, that's for sure!)

Then, there's Tax. Ah, tax. I will be spending Saturday night, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday actually learning tax. Had I bothered to learn tax, say, throughout the semester, I could probably have taken a nice leisurely study break over the weekend. But why do today, what you can put off until the week before the exam? I've been told that unless you're a complete idiot, you get a B on this exam. However, I do know someone who got a C+, and he was top of his class after 1L year. He apparently had to ask during class one day which number was the numerator. Okay, even I'm not that much of a math 'tard. So, maybe I'll get a B-. I'm okay with that, considering how much effort I've put into this class. (Like not even taking my supplement out of the shrinkwrap.)

But the best thing is that I will be full term next week, ready to pop this kid out after the tax final. It'd be awesome if I could pop the kid out during the final, but I'm not that lucky, and our kid isn't that cooperative. She has, however, learned a new trick -- kicking other members of the household rather than just me. A couple days ago, Family Dog was snuggling with me on the couch, and had her head in my lap. She was very disturbed when my stomach punched her. Then last night at the birthin' class, Husband and I were in a position where my abdomen was touching his, and she kicked him too. Violent little child, that one.

Anyway, I came home this afternoon and took a short nap, husband ordered us pizza on this cold, rainy day, and now I'm getting ready to get my Insurance learn-on, while Husband is painting the nursery. It's becoming a lovely pale yellow, with white trim. Poor Husband. He hates painting. I like painting, but with the time constraints of finals, and the fact that our kid has enough problems she probably doesn't need me huffing paint fumes, he has to do all the work. But the room should be finished by the end of the week, and we can get the furniture set up, and once finals are done, I can start putting things away and getting it all cozy for Baby. Last week we moved my desk and bookshelf into our bedroom. It looks a little bit cramped now, but it actually works well. Husband's side of the room hasn't been impeded upon, so he can't complain too much. And really, once I removed the gigantic piles of laundry out of the corner and replaced it with the desk, it didn't make too much of a difference!

So, that's what's going on here. Surviving finals, surviving week 36 of pregnancy, and really looking forward to the holidays!!!


caradepollo said...

i like...totally get it. Here's me on hour three of corporations essay with 7 calls:
"a majority shareholder can't do that breaching thing and make it so the minority holders can't, like, vote how they want to. Duh."
When asked how "I" would resolve the dispute: "judicial review is the only prudent measure on these facts. Duh."

LL said...

Congrats on getting through your finals at 36 weeks! Landon was born at 36 weeks and 1 day and all I could do at that point was sit in my desk at work and surf internet sites about baby toys or sit on the couch and watch TV. My body was way too busy incubating a baby to direct any blood flow to my brain, so I'm rather amazed at yours :)

PT-LawMom said...

Ditto what LL said. You're amazing! I think your water should burst in the middle of your tax exam. Don'tcha think that would get you an automatic A? Or at least more study time. ;)

P.S. About the DRUGS -- ask for them as you walk in the door! What they don't tell you is that they have to run a whole bag of saline through you before they can give you an epidural and that takes time. Then they have to get an anesthesiologist to come to your room. I delivered in a private hospital on a Sunday morning and it took FOREVER!!!!