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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Life with Cora

Being a baby is tough work

Things have been pretty good here. We're getting into the swing of things, learning what Cora likes and, of course, what Cora does not like. Husband is very happy that Cora does not like to be naked, and especially doesn't like having her diaper off. He's hoping such dislike will follow her to adulthood. (I rather doubt it.) She's also a grunty little kid. When she's expressing her disdain for something, she does a whole series of grunting before she decides she's going to cry about it. And sometimes she just grunts for the hell of it.

One really weird thing about our kid: she insists on sleeping on her side (as you can see). And maybe I'm wrong, but I didn't think newborns have the maneuverability to get from their backs to their sides. But it doesn't matter where we put her, in the crib, in the Pack 'n Play, on the bed, on the couch, on a pillow, she manages to get onto her right side, whether she's tightly swaddled or free. Which is kinda funny, considering the entire time she was in utero, she was wedged onto her right side and wouldn't budge, much to the chagrin of the ultrasound technicians. It freaks me out though, because all the books warn you how the baby needs to sleep on her back, and sleeping on her side or her tummy increases the risk of SIDS. Well, someone please tell Cora that! We just can't keep this kid on her back, I don't understand how she does it.

But having her home has been a lot of fun. Okay, getting up several times in the middle of the night is definitely not fun. But the rest of it is. Husband's been fantastic, and has an enormous amount of patience. When I get woken up, I'm more grumbling and cranky. Husband instead will get up and coo at his daughter, calling her sweet names. I guess I have slightly more reason to be cranky, since I have to be up every two to three hours to pump, regardless of whether Husband gets up to feed her and change her, so he's slightly more rested than me. Cora's still having trouble with the whole breastfeeding thing. I worked with a couple lactation consultants at the hospital and they said I just need to keep working with her and she'll catch on eventually. Just kind of exhausting to not only have to feed the baby every three hours, but pump as well. But hopefully we'll be getting that all worked out prior to the start of spring semester.

Speaking of spring semester, I ordered books for two of my classes today. Amusingly enough, I got the Evidence book for $15. However, I spent about $75 on my usual collection of supplements so that I can avoid reading the casebook. Ah, laziness is an expensive habit.

Tomorrow I need to pull myself together and work on some outlining for the Torts take-home final. A coworker told me it took her about 10 hours to take the exam, because she hadn't studied at all and had to look everything up. That was the route I had intended to take prior to birthin', as I had only outlined about 1/4 of the course material. But I figure it would be better for me to go ahead and finish the outline, and complete the exam as quickly as possible (we have 24 hours from the time we pick it up). I'm going to pick up the exam on Wednesday and take it on Thursday. The other two shall wait until January.

Okay, more gratuitous pictures of my kid:

What a little ham

Dressed for success at her first appointment with her pediatrician

Napping with Family Dog while Mommy blogs


Cecilia said...

OMG, she is so cute! Congratulations and thanks for the update. Good luck with the exam although of course you have more important things on your mind.

Also, in Italy, pediatricians recommend side-sleeping (provided you sort of prop the babies arm so she can't roll over onto her tummy). I think what's bad is sleeping face down. But I'm sure your pediatrician told you whatever's best.

LL said...

So cute! Landon hated being naked too, but now he loves it. When the belly is free the big smiles come out :)

She's adorable- good job growing her ;)

Cee said...

I love her cute purple skirt! All the best to you as you finish up your finals!!

PT-LawMom said...

She is wicked cute!! I love the little ham picture -- what a great expression!

Shelley said...

Eden did the same thing as far as sleeping on her right side went - I don't know if it was the rounded back or just her preference, but over she'd go. And a couple of times, made it over onto her tummy (thank GOD she "forgot" and only started doing that again, this time with neck strength).

We ended up making sure her right arm was perpendicular to her body and rolling up receiving blankets and putting them against her on her sides (from the waist down). I wish I could remember exactly how the habit broke, but it's all a blur. I can send you a picture of how we maneuvered her, if you would like?

And Cora looks so adorable! I love the purple!

newduck said...

She is adorable! Someone gave me this pre-swaddled blanket, which can supposedly prevent babies from rolling onto their sides or stomach. It's got all these velcro doo-dads and looks like it might do the job (I have 3 more months till I can find out!). It's made by a company called kiddopotomas, and I think they have them on amazon. Good luck!