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Tuesday, December 11, 2007



We got to bring Cora home from the hospital today! I can't even tell you how happy we are, how we left grinning from ear to ear, and how even Husband was making squeaky happy sounds. We'd been teased by the doctors for the past two days that she could come home, only to be told she needed to stay. But today we brought her home, and it's just fantastic. We came home, she ate, pooped, pee'd while her diaper was off, napped, snuggled, repeat. We also got baby hiccups, baby yawns, baby burps, and what I can only describe as baby grunts. It's absolute heaven.

We're still experimenting with the whole breastfeeding thing. She's doing better latching on, and I'm doing better in actually producing milk. However, we're going to keep giving her formula as well, because a big concern while she was in the NICU was her not eating enough, and until we're both fully comfortable with breastfeeding, we'll do both.

As for Cora's health, we have an appointment with the pediatric surgeon next month to do some follow-up diagnostics and discuss surgery. I'm trying not to think about my poor little bunny having surgery. I was a lot more comfortable with the idea prior to her being born and actually being "real." It's a lot better for her that she can wait until she's two or three months old to have surgery, but it sure is harder on me!

Anyway, Husband and I have found ourselves to be a lot more mushy now that we're parents. We've both been weepy and sentimental. We're going to need to do something to get our edge back. Like get tattoos or get into a bar fight or something. Oh well. Maybe later. There's snuggling to be done.


Cee said...

awwww....baby snuggles are the BEST! congrats again, I bet she is glad to have you two all to herself now :)

PT-LawMom said...

Oh wow, that picture made me smile. She looks so great!!! So her health issues are under control? Have a wonderful time getting to know your daughter! She's so adorable. :)

LL said...

Yay! I'm so glad she's home- I've been anxiously checking for updates. It's wonderful she got to come home so quickly and that she gets to wait for the surgery (although, I'm sure it will be tougher on you!). Enjoy the baby cuddles, they're wonderful :)

Beanie said...

What a sweetie! The best wishes to everyone for a lovely quiet snuggly time at home.

lawmom said...

ADORABLE!! If you get your edge back let me know how you do it? We just rented the "Pursuit of Happyness" and both cried like babies. If we had seen that movie just 2 years ago before Monkey we would have barfed at the sugary sweet, sentimental, sappy lot of it.

Nothing will ever quite be the same and you won't want it any other way.

CM said...

What a cutie - love her fuzzy slippers. If you're going to start a bar brawl, do it now -- you would hate to put it off for a few months, and then find that she has started to have a bedtime routine and you have to be in by 8 p.m., because no one wants to brawl before 8 p.m. Just a tip from someone who's been there.

Hope all is well!

Monique said...

She is "Adorable", enjoy the homecoming and Cora's first Christmas.

Have fun!

caradepollo said...

That's beautiful-- She is beautiful! I am so glad to be able to read about your experiences. As I read your blog, I am alternately wiping away little tears and trying to focus on the limits on judicial review.
Congrats! Everyone says that all priorities change once the little one arrives-- I anticipate giving birth to my little girl and heading straight into third year finals without skipping a beat, so I will be eager to hear how your mindset shapes re the rest of life.