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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Day Five

It seems that Cora is turning a corner, or at least that's what we hope. Her vitals have been more stable today, they're weaning her from the dopamine, and they've turned the suction off from her chest tube. They think the tube will come out tomorrow. She was really awake and alert this morning, and definitely more wiggly. She's causing trouble today. They had to restrain her left arm, because she's been grabby with her tubes. That's my kid: trouble!

Cora really doesn't like other kids crying. The nurses down the hall appear to be torturing a toddler, who's been screaming for the past half hour and screamed quite a bit this morning too. Like blood-curdling screams. It keeps Cora's blood pressure elevated hearing all that racket. Keeps mine raised too. Geez, sedate the poor kid or something.

Anyway, the surgeon came back in to check on her today, since he was here for another patient. Apparently there's another baby with a CCAM. And here Cora thought she was being original!


Butterflyfish said...


LL said...

Causing trouble is an excellent sign :) I'm glad you're able to feel relaxed enough to joke a little- I think that's a good sign as well!

Shelley said...

I know you must be counting the seconds, waiting for the tubes to come out and to be able to really hold Cora! And I love strong women who cause trouble - go, Cora! :)

Patrick Lafferty said...

there is, indeed, nothing comparable to cradling their supple forms in your waiting arms....so glad for you and Cora's progress! she is fetching.