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Saturday, November 17, 2007


We had our follow-up MRI yesterday up at Children's. There was nothing bad on the MRI, per se, so we were relieved about that. However, we'd hoped they'd tell us the baby wouldn't need immediate surgery after birth, but unfortunately, there's a good likelihood she will. Which means the team at Children's needs to have a discussion with the docs at our University Hospital to find out if they have the resources to have a surgical team on hand at delivery to perform emergency surgery, and if they don't, then we would have to deliver up there. But we're pretty sure our hospital will be able to do the surgery, they will probably just want to plan the delivery rather than leave it to chance that someone's going to get a 3 am page, sometime during the holidays. I think this means they will plan a c-section, then have a team ready to perform surgery if necessary. It's not for certain the baby will need surgery after birth, but what they found on the MRI indicates it's a good possibility. If she's immediately symptomatic, they will do surgery within an hour of birth. If she breathes fine most of the time, but when she cries or is distressed and, for instance, her lips turn blue, they will plan for surgery within a few days and not send her home with us until the surgery. (Which is fine with me, I really don't want to take home a baby that turns blue.) And it's always possible she will be completely asymptomatic, and we can take her home and return for surgery in a few months. That would be preferable, but not the most likely option.

But still, we're disappointed to not know the delivery plan yet. We have to wait to talk to the docs on Wednesday, which probably means we still won't have a delivery plan, considering they haven't been great with getting their ducks in a row. And OB docs always like to play it by ear, so we may never have a delivery plan, until like, the day of delivery. Oh well. I just hope I can take my finals first, because as much as I'd like to not take my finals, I also don't want to make them up either!

After the consultation, we had dinner with our friends, which was nice to just relax and not be all stressed out and have a billion things to do. However, today, Husband and I are both sick. My mommy came over and brought us some orange juice and cans of soup. It probably means I am not ready to be a parent, when I still call my mommy when I'm sick. Heh.


LL said...

I'm glad that you didn't get any more bad news. And I'm so, so happy that you get to worry about the delivery itself rather than whether or not you'll get to that day at all. You've made it a long way!

And yeah, you definitely don't want to bring home a baby that is turning blue. While it was sad to leave Landon behind in the NICU, we so much knew that it was the best place for him that it wasn't as hard as people might think. He needed to get better, just like your little girl will. I'm so excited for you!

PT-LawMom said...

I am so sorry!! Having been through the NICU at a less-than-stellar hospital, I say push for Children's (as much as you can without having to pay more -- make it their idea!) How scary it must be not to know for sure. Hope answers come soon. I'll be praying for a very safe and uneventful delivery and a healthy baby.

Shelley said...

We have our fingers (and toes) crossed for you and your little girl. I did want to throw in that one of the big comforts for me in my delivery debacle was being at the very best hospital in the area, full of perinatal specialists -- it was one thing I wasn't worrying about. Probably the one thing.

However, I only ended up paying about $100 of a $25K tab, too. Our health care system clearly sucks when cost of care figures into things. :(

Zuska said...

Well, if that means you aren't ready to be a parent, then either am I. Which sucks, because my kids are sort of old.