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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Up and coming

Yesterday I had my law school baby shower. It was really nice of them to throw me one, especially since I know exactly how much they all lack time and money. The shower was coed, so the boys could come too. I thought it was really sweet the boys were willing to go, and were good sports about it. I had to drag Husband there, he was not exactly into the idea of the baby shower. But he had a good time. It's not like with that group it was going to be all girly anyway. There was excellent food, the usual raunchy conversations, and an arts and crafts activity involving a glue gun, turning gourds into what our baby is supposed to look like. (Apparently the choices are Hindu god, giant ears, giant boobs, or blue balls. This entertained everyone greatly.)

We're waiting until January to have a joint shower with one of our best friends who is due two weeks before I am. They're the ones we stayed with when I had the fetal surgery, and they will be moving back here when he graduates in December/after their baby is born. We thought it would be nice to do a housewarming/baby-warming event, hopefully involving alcohol, because I'm really craving bourbon. The cruelty of craving alcohol when you're pregnant, I mean, really. It's starting to get cold, and I love a nice hot toddy in the winter, although I usually drink bourbon with diet coke. Woodford Reserve. Mmm...

Anyway, I checked today and I got into both of my classes, Int'l Trade and Int'l Environmental Law, so no International Tax for me. Thank god! I'm glad I'm taking both of those classes because they will definitely help me prepare for my minor portion of my comps, which is in International Organizations. (My major is Diplomacy.) I've been feeling a little under-qualified regarding the IO portion, since I don't have much coursework in it. I think both those courses will help considerably.

The week ahead promises to be good. We have a sandwich sale for ILS on Tuesday, a meeting for ILS on Thursday, and absolutely no going to High Risk Ghetto Clinic this week. We'll have to get our mullet fix some other time. We have our appointment up at Children's on Friday for the MRI, so we have a week's reprieve. I'm going to ask if we can skip the Wednesday ultrasound next week and just have it on the following Monday, since I'll need to have the next week's ultrasound on Monday anyway (I have a final that Wednesday, then one on Thursday, I don't need to be dicking around at the clinic during all that). But it'll be nice to finally know what's going to happen delivery-wise, and be able to make plans.

I'm also glad we made it to 32 weeks, 9 weeks after the surgery, without needing any other surgeries. At the MRI, we'll be 33 weeks. From this point it becomes much more likely that if the cysts started to grow again, the baby will be coming out.

I'm really looking forward to the baby coming out. How less than 4 pounds of baby can make me feel like completely crap is beyond me. I can't imagine how I'm going to feel when there's 6, or 7, or 8 pounds of baby. Ugh.

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PT-LawMom said...

Sounds like a fun shower!! It was nice of them to do that. Can't believe hubby wasn't up for it -- he doesn't like gifts? I can't believe you're already 32 weeks. Wow!