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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Posting about absolutely nothing

Is it really heartburn if it's not in your chest, but actually in your throat? That's probably where everything from my chest has been displaced anyway, but I'm thinking, is that more acid reflux if the burning makes it all the way up to the back of your throat? Ugh. Regardless, there's an unpleasant new pregnancy development. Dinner: Maalox. Dessert: Maalox. Breakfast: Maalox. Yummy.

Yesterday I finally took my trip to the salon for my maternity spa day. After five hours at the salon, I sure needed a nap afterwards! While I enjoy the luxury treatment of salons, I just wish the employees would shut the hell up. I'm trying to relax, not engage in idle chit-chat. Maybe that's part of the appeal for most people going to the salon, but I find it rather exhausting. Oh well. Other than that, the facial was definitely the best part. I was very pleased with the result, and will have to treat myself with that more often. My pores have never been so clear.

After the day at the salon, we hooked up with some of Husband's old friends from college that he hasn't seen in years. Two came in from out of town with their respective sons to visit. One of them blogs, and we've corresponded for awhile now, so it was nice to finally meet her. Then we went to a couple's house (that we never see, even though we live in town). They have twins, a boy and a girl. So, four kids, all 10 months and younger. It's a glimpse into our future with so many of our friends having babies at the same time. Herd of babies. Or is it a gaggle of babies? I can never remember.

I am getting concerned about impending parenthood though. I'm thinking I should just forget the seminar class and kill myself in the fall instead, three law classes are bad enough. We saw our friends with the two-month-old baby this morning at mass. Mom was on the verge of tears, having gotten no sleep and having been screamed at all night. Baby was snoozing happily, having worn herself out from being up all night and screaming at Mom. Another glimpse into my future, I'm sure.


PT-LawMom said...

You can't really know now how it's going to be. Could be that the first few months are easy bliss (which was what happened in my case) and then the next few months are teething hell. Or your baby could have reflux and colic and be a screamer. My son, thank God, was not a screamer and teething didn't seem to ruffle him at all. You could be lucky - you just don't know. I managed to get a lot done in the first few months before he was mobile, so maybe you keep the seminar and just drop it if things aren't going well.

CM said...

I think it's a babble of babies.

Henny Penny said...

Avoid bbq from here on out. I had a craving for bbq at around 8 months pregnant and spent the whole night literally foaming from the mouth.