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Monday, November 26, 2007

The plan is, there is no plan

We talked to one of the surgeons today (there are two), this one being an older guy and not the guy who did his fellowship under the doctor at Children's. He had a different opinion than the doctor at Children's. He doesn't think surgery will be necessary, at least not in an emergency situation. (Of course, he didn't actually have the MRI results, he only had the report from our OB at High Risk.) But he assured us that either he or the other surgeon is always on call and if surgery is necessary, one of them will be at the hospital within 15 minutes to do it. However, and I think this is because of his belief that surgery won't be necessary, there is no birth plan. He said that was up to the OB docs, and they'll be available should surgery be needed. I'm not terribly comfortable with that, but if Children's has the same opinion, then I'll leave it to the experts to decide. (I also have my doubts about letting some old guy that's been woken up in the middle of the night come in and take a knife to my baby's chest, but I realize surgeons do this sort of thing all the time and are used to it, so I know it's more of an irrational fear. I just like the idea of the fully rested surgeon better.)

I was hoping we'd be getting this kid out soon, though. I'll be full term in two weeks, and now I could go five more weeks. They just better not let me go past my due date. Ugh.

Anyway, I'm going on blogging hiatus again until after finals. At which time I will return to describe the soul-crushing experience of taking 5 finals for which I am most definitely not prepared.


PT-LawMom said...

Ugh. That would drive me insane. I can't even imagine how you're dealing with all of this right now. Don't leave us hanging if the baby comes in the next two weeks, okay? Hope it is all smooth, smooth sailing!

Monique said...

Good Luck!

lawmom said...

Good luck. Hoping everything goes well for you.

Kim said...

I am so sorry about the no plan thing. That would drive me crazy as well! I want you to know that I am still sending positive energy your way and hoping everything is smooth sailing. And painless!!!! :) Good luck with finals, too. I hope those are also painless for you.