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Sunday, November 18, 2007


Uh, it's probably a bad thing when your PR outline is 12 pages, huh? Ugh. Anyone have a good PR outline for the Morgan & Rotunda text? Or a brain I can borrow? Mine has checked out for the semester.

I'm still working on my insurance outline, which is coming along okay. I've just started the Torts outline, but I'm not too stressed about that. It's only a two credit-hour course, and most of it is defamation law, which I'm good on. The one I'm really panicking about though is the Internet Law final. The class is full of every subject I suck at (contracts, conflicts of law, and just technical computer jargon I don't understand). At least it's an open book exam. The dude who had my textbook before me said not to use his notes in the book though, because he got a bad grade. Yikes! Some classmates and I are going through and sharing notes, because it seems on several days at least one of us blacked out and have practically no notes at all. One day, the only thing written in my notes is "huh????" Not a good sign!

Oh my god, finals start in two weeks. I may actually have to fake premature labor during finals. Peeing myself would probably be pretty convincing, and that definitely wouldn't be hard to do at this point!


LL said...

Hahaha. When my water broke at the restaurant my first thought was, "did I just pee myself and not even know it?!". I actually went to the bathroom before I even told JP anything had happened.

Good luck with the outlining and finals!

Shelley said...

Just out of curiosity, which casebook are you using for Internet law? If it's the one my Cyberlaw professor co-wrote (Lydia Loren), you can have my outline. :) I only got a B or B+ (can't remember), tho.

PT-LawMom said...

ROFL on peeing yourself. You so should, if just to throw off the competition. Like "Ohmigod, I think my water broke!" Rush out of the class. Come back and "Oops, just pee." ROFL!!!

Hope someone out there has a good outline for you. :)

Proto Attorney said...

The text is Electronic Commerce by Mann & Winn. I've yet to find an outline for it, but I'm not even convinced an outline would help. It's a really strange text.