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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Furniture and Girly-ness

I took a brief hiatus from frantic outlining last night to go furniture shopping. The baby gift from my parents-in-law is a rocker/glider, and I was excited to go pick one out finally. We have a hand-me-down one from them that's rather ugly, and even worse, uncomfortable. So I wanted something that I wouldn't mind spending time sitting in, especially for middle-of-the-night rocking of Baby, and something that I wouldn't be horrified was upstairs where people would actually see it (all our mismatched hand-me-down furniture is banished to the basement den where it can clash in private).

The other item we needed was a dresser. I wanted one that was longer rather than taller, and could have a hutch attached to the top (for bookshelves and such). I had been looking at a few at different furniture stores, and most were too expensive, or too flimsy. I wanted something durable, and nothing cutesy or childish, since Baby will be keeping it for an extended period of time, and probably taking it with her when she leaves the nest. (My childhood dresser left with me when I moved out, although it has since been discarded.) But we actually found something very nice at Babies R Us, on clearance, because it's being replaced with another model. We got both pieces for under $500, which was about half the price. I was thrilled. The one I had pretty much decided on at a furniture store was over $800, and I didn't like it nearly as much. I was surprised that Babies R Us had anything that nice, and not crazily expensive.

So, baby furniture is taken care of. We have the crib, the dresser, and the rocker. We're going to buy paint (yellow!) and Husband is going to paint this weekend, and we can set up all the furniture and start decorating. I have the crib set (I got a really cute Beatrix Potter set that's in very pale pastels), and I'm going to accent with pink, like curtains and such. I'm not a big fan of pink in general, although a pale pink is acceptable.

Husband and I were talking last night about how I am very un-"girly." For example, I'm completely unromantic. I actively ruin romantic moments. Husband sometimes struggles with guilt over never being romantic, because men are programmed to believe all women want romance, even though he understands that if he did something like send me flowers or writing me poetry, I would probably think he was insane. That doesn't preclude doing things that are thoughtful, of course. Husband does a lot of things that are really thoughtful and sweet. Like last night I was doing some studying and mentioned I was a little hungry. He offered to get me something and I said, no, that's okay, I was just going to make a sandwich or something. Then he went and made me grilled cheese. I love grilled cheese, especially his grilled cheese, and that was the sweetest thing he could do for me. Grilled cheese satisfies. Sappy romance? Blech.

Anyway, finding romance distasteful is just one of many examples of how I'm un-girly. But Husband thinks having a daughter will chisel away at my un-girly exterior and somehow expose my inner girl. He might be right, I might end up becoming more girly. I don't think it will be a drastic change though. I can't imagine I'll suddenly start, I dunno, scrap-booking, or signing my daughter up for beauty pageants or anything crazy like that. But I suspect I will secretly enjoy putting my daughter in frilly little dresses, with frilly little bows. You just won't find me admitting to it...


Meredith said...
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CM said...

I am so suggestible.

I am having grilled cheese for dinner!

legally certifiable said...

I'm ungirly too. I even refused to do my first DD's nursery in pink--we went with primary colors. But I am now drowning in pink. It is just too much fun to dress up little girls. And my oldest DD (the one who couldn't have a pink nursery) now has princess pink walls and girly white furniture. It's ok--a little girly-ness never hurt anybody.